Monday, January 17, 2011

Bellcabulary (words and phrases that float my boat)

Welcome to my post, Bellcabulary, where I wax lyrical about the weird and wonderful words I love to say. Past Bellisms can be found here

Pash and dash: Ahh the old pash and dash. You know what I'm talking about. Here's the scene, you're getting down and dirty on the d-floor, you pash a punter then bolt for whatever silly reason. Maybe the lights came on and he had a yellow snaggle toof?  

Totes magotes: Such an insult to the English language I know, but it's too late I'm infected. I caught it off my little broseph and can't stop saying it. I'm totes magotes addicted! A n00bicated version of 'totally'.

For realsies: I do resent the fact this catch phrase du jour has polluted my vocab. But oh well, it's quite fun to say. Use it when you want to emphasise the validity of something, i.e. I can recite the alphabet backwards*, for realsies!

Bad boy: Anything can be a bad boy. You're a bad boy, I'm a bad boy, that dude over there? He's totes magotes a bad boy! Fogs and I have endless giggles seeing how we can incorporate 'bad boy' into sentences, i.e. "can you please email me that bad boy when you have updated it with the most recent figures."

Holiday hot: Ever notice when you're on holiday your taste in the opposite sex strays from your usual preferences? Sometimes, your pretty little Sydney boys are nowhere to be seen, so maybe you'll flirt with that rugged Canadian instead. He's not Sydney hot, but he's holiday hot. It broadens your horizons and squashes your pickiness. 

*I used to trick people and tell them that my brain worked backwards, like I was some kind of kid genius who thought only in algorithms. Truth be told, I sucked at maths and Papa Bear taught me how to sing the alphabet backwards to keep me entertained when I was wee tacker, bored in a restaurant. It's just like learning the lyrics to a song.  

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  1. Tonight you are totes magotes gonna have a pash n dash with a holiday hot bad boy - for realsies!!


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