Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year, in Retrospect:

In keeping with tradition here is the year, in retrospect.

Lessons learnt:
  • Hyde Park can make for very good napping grounds.
  • You can make lovely friends in the strangest places. Like in airport lines or bonding over split leaps, waiting for a bus.
  • Two words you should never utter to me - mini lamingtons.
  • You're never too old to have a picnic. Even a teddy bear's picnic.
  • Bowling can actually be a very dangerous sport, just ask my mamma.
  • I learnt how to write an advertorial, got lots of copy writing published and realised the thrill of seeing your own words in print never gets old.
  • I became an Excel whiz.
  • I learnt how to tie a mean arse Tiffany bow. And wrap a present like Martha. Yep, important life lessons right hurrre.
  • Writing angry letters to the male race won't change anything. Jerks will always be jerksbut it sure does feel good.
  • Became a little bit better at maths, thanks to invoicing. Who'da thunk it?
  • Learnt to love and hate the Karma Chameleon
  • Learnt how to do a million things at once, while keeping a smile on my face.
  • Europe, you're still the love of my life. Three trips later and I want you more than ever!

Things I did:
  • Campaigned like a crazy lady in the hopes of winning a once in a lifetime trip.
  • Backpacked in the European summer with two of my best gal pals.
  • Won a $3000 oven thanks to this little rant. Sold said oven and put the moola into my Euro funds. 
  • Celebrated a year of blogging with a digital facelift
  • Danced my pants off to Phoenix, Yacht Club DJs and Bag Raiders. Stellar gigs of the year.
  • Took the plunge and went dark. Everyone knows box brunettes have more fun!
  • Hvared a ridiculously good time in Croatia. Pun intended.
  • Celebrated my gorgeous Nanny's 90th.
  • Continued to judge boys on the tightness of their jeans. The skinnier the better. Shallow? Who me?
  • Ate gelato several times a day in Florence.
  • Made the best work friends a girl could ever ask for.
  • Shopped like a maniac in Topshop, H&M and Zar Zar.
  • Fell in love with the crazy world of magazines and know more than ever I want to be an editorial girl.
  • Danced to Mark Ronson at Love Box music festival, in London.
  • Went to Brighton Pier and saw the merry go round the Spice Girls had a famous photo shoot on.
  • Had a date underneath the Eiffel Tower and managed not to spew with the romance overload.
  • Had the best night out in the history of my life with Inga, Braz, Micko and De Guzman in Amsterdam. Bike ride at 6am anyone? Will never forget the look on Penny's face when we walked in at 7.30am and caught the plane in the same clothes.
  • Came home from Europe rounder, healthier and happier. 
  • Continued to dream of that Perfect Boy, who is trendy, crazy, beautiful and fun. I don't ask for much now, do I?
  • Had many super-fun-happy times with Shollis
  • Became a blogoholic.
  • Started full-time work and had the joy of spending everyday with mah BFF. 
  • Continued to lust after all things Frankie and Triple J, including my hot interweb friend Lewis McKirdy and the whimsical words of Justin Hazlewood
  • Had a few too many parties at Ju Ju's house, so much so the neighbours wrote us a letter of hate. 
  • Found a new found respect for Mad Mex.

2011 to do list:
  • Write lots, blog lots, vlog more!
  • Be able to run up a hill without dying. Yep, I think it's time I got off my derriere and did some dreaded exercise.
  • Go to Broome and Uluru with mamma and swim in a water hole.

Sweet tunes of Twenty Ten (and my vote for the Triple J Hottest 100):
  • Teenage Crime, Adrian Lux: Predictable yes, but gosh balls this tune is amazing. I never tire of it.
  • Crave You, Flight Facilities: Ditto to the above. Reckon these two will easily smash the top 5.
  • This Orient, Foals: Reminds me of Europe.
  • Hurt Me, The Jezabels: Angry, gritty, beautiful stuff. 
  • Broken Bones, the Holidays: Big love for this song.

Do-able trends of Twenty Ten:

Spewable trends of Twenty Ten:
  • Trackie pants attempted to become fashionable but failed big time and the hideous denim on denim trend made a come back, thanks to Chloé's Western inspired collection.
  • Trend of the year that needs to die now? Dip dyed ends, they're oh so over! If you're not Pip Edwards don't bother. This trend has been ruined, every second person is sporting the top deck look. Next! 

Blogs that got the most hits:
Catch phrases of the year:
  • Inga: Get frocked (a more toned down/fashionable version of "get fu**ed")
  • Brad Joseph: What of it? (I almost died when Brad answered his phone saying "Giselle, WHAT OF IT?") An alternative to "SO WHAT?"
  • Penny, Inga and myself: El pimpy (extreme state of inebriation, ie. "who is going to be el pimpy tonight?") 

Fave photos of the year: 
We got a bit carried away with the old school photo booth in London. 

Star jump if you love Paris!
Anu and I cooling down on the eve of the Soccer World Cup final, on my cousin James' house boat in Amsterdam. If only everyday could be this fun.

A huge thanks to all you awesome readers for popping into Lowbrow Hoo-Ha. Muchos grazias for your insightful, funny and intelligent comments. Keep them coming! Want to know what my 2009 was like? Click here for last year's "The Year, in Retrospect" post. Wishing you all a faboosh 2011, hope you bring the new year in with style (with a party pash of course!) Much love, Bella xxx


  1. Hitting the like button for "had many super-fun-happy times with Shollis."

    I think we need a Euro trip!

    Yay so amazing. I be copy cat of you and Tippy (but admit it) and still working on mine!

  2. how come that juju guy didnt get a mention?

  3. Haha Ju Ju I think you get enough mentions in ze blog ma'dear. However, it did remind me of something I left off. See 2nd last point in "things I did" list.

    Happy now?


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