Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Soggy Summer

Ok kids, it does sucks, summer is going to be a wash out. But let's not go ruling out the summer fun just yet. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade and vodka right? So when summer throws you rain, you put on your god damn floaties, ok? I've complied a little list of some ways to combat the soggy summer blues.  

  • Wear a snorkel: Everything is 45% funnier when you have something silly on your face and at least this way you're prepared for the torrential outbursts. There'll never be a dull moment when you're rocking the snorkel. Think of all the potential new chums you could make simply walking down the street with a snorkel on your person. Oh the endless possibilities! 
  • Invest in an animal brolly: Turn that frown upside down with a novelty umbrella (pictured below). You'll never be sad this summer with a jolly frog above your head. Mix and match critters to suit your outfit. 
  • Puddle Jump: Get a bunch of mates, get your gumboots on and jump puddles to your heart's content. 
  • Become a merman or mermaid: You'll never notice the bad weather if you're a merperson. They LIVE in water. Besides, you're generally sexier when you're a mermaid. Who knows, a summer romance could be just around the corner.  
  • Raincoats are the new LBD: Don't want to ruin your pretty frock on a wet night out? Screw it, wear a hot little raincoat instead. Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and what better way to it than with practicality AND style. Waterproofing never looked so good. 
  • Get the hell out of Sydney: Run away to a tropical island, like I'm doing come January. Hello Bali, bye bye stink town Sydders (I do love you Sydney, just not when you fuck up summer!)

Can you think of any other ways we can embrace this sub-par weather? 

See any sad faces in this picture? Didn't think so. 


  1. Your positive spin on things always makes me happy. Keep the blogs coming I think i am a low brow addict.

  2. HAHAHA this is very cute.


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