Saturday, December 18, 2010

Painting the Town Orange

What better reason to escape Sydney for the weekend, than for Brad Joseph's high fashion farewell. We met Brad and Elle in the Greek Islands earlier this year. Brad lives in Orange and Elle lives in London, we've stayed in touch and even had an awesome reunion. Brad's spreading his wings, and moving to the big smoke of Melbourne. I know he'll be fabulous wherever he goes but I really wish we all lived in the same city, we make a pretty good team.  

Brad made some phone calls and organised a spectacular two days of pristine weather, stellar wine, food and people. He's pretty tight with JC so there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Saturday's festivities started early, we were cracking the champers by midday and hopped from vineyard to vineyard on our own private bus (unfortunately the stretch Hummers were all booked out by JLO. Bitch). The drinking finally caught up to us around 4pm, while we were waiting for our no show cabs on one of the main drags of Orange. The majority of the crew fell asleep for a good half an hour. Our pleasant slumber was interrupted by DA POLICE, who kindly asked us to relocate ourselves and our open bottles of alcohol.  

The theme for Saturday night's house party, in our gorgeous cottage, was toga. Because it was a bit of a Mykonos reunion, it only seemed right the theme should be Grecian. Thank golly we had Brad and Penny there to help style us. They transformed our drab white sheets, into fab gowns. We got nifty with the native flora and made make shift head pieces out of leaves. 

Sunday's hang over was cured by the fresh Orange air on Mount Canobolas and a big greasy breakfast. We road tripped it home and made a pit stop in Katoomba. Pen Den, Inga, Ju Ju and I were like a little family. We got milkshakes and spiders at the Paragon and browsed all the antique shops in town. It's funny when you're a kid you can't stand it when your parents wander around the shops and want to have a coffee in every town. But we've now become those people! Road trip 101 - make sure you have lots of snuggly doonas, pillows and sweet beats. Our top 3 songs to cruise to were If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix, New Theory by Washed Out, Up Late by Custom Kings.  

Saying goodbye to Brad Joseph is always hard, but at least I have a great excuse to visit Melbourne now! 

Country boy goes city. Watch out Melbourne!
Toga time. Nomming on grapes.
O-R-A-N-G-E. On the top of Mount Canobolas.
Just having a nanna in the middle of the street.

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  1. hahaha Justin in a pose where he is ready for it up the bum ONCE AGAIN...

    HI GOUGE!!!


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