Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Catmas Peeps!

Max(above) was our Christmas card cover boy this year. It was inspired by LOL Cats, Max's penchant for nibbling on mice and and his general awesomeness. Xmas highlights include - 

  • Punking Tim with a sack of coal, accompanied by a card saying "SAD-MAS", explaining his efforts as a brother / son had been dismal and this present reflected our disappointment. Then leading him out to the car boot, to reveal his real present, a BBQ. Suddenly the coal made sense, it was for his new toy. 
  • The first sunny Christmas since who knows when. 
  • Magical glazed ham, turkey, Pimm's and other amazing treats from the clever chef Sophie. 
  • James having his brand spanking new Beats by Dre headphones around his neck all day. In fact, I don't think the boy will ever take them off. 
  • Having gorgeous little bebes around always makes Christmas that more special. Will and Lucy were the centre of attention today, who needs new presents to play with when you can watch these kids! They are adorable. 
  • Having a full house, with the complete set of Mumma Bear, Papa Bear and x4 baby bears. 

What were your Christmas highlights? Now enjoy this heartbreakingly bad Chrissy video from YouTube artist Bangs. Past hits include, Da Movies and Meet Me On The Facebook. Merry ham day ya'll! Hope it was full of yummy pig related products! xx

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