Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Not Christmas Unless The Tree Falls Over

Most families associate Christmas with candy canes, advent calendars, baby Jeebus, presents, Christmas trees, Santa... Bring on the cliches! In our family we do things a little differently. Our tree is a craptacular piss take to all those chic, styled trees ( I've heard tales of people hiring "tree stylists" to "design" their tree). We deck it out in mis-matched decorations from the $2 Shop and pick the ugly, unloved tree. 

Last year's Christmas tree was our finest. He had the top of him chopped off for some reason. He donned a very unconventional angel - a crazy mask created by Edwina for some stupid Performance Studies class I did at uni (see below picture). The weirder the better really. This year our tree is a modest little tuft that has random patches of branch missing. He's super cute! But nothing will ever beat last years number. 

Another tradition we embrace, is the tree falling over. Without fail, every year the tree will completely topple over and crash to the floor. Decorations will fall off, branches will break and we piss ourselves. It's just become part of Christmas. The more times it falls over, the lazier we get re-decorating it and by the end of December it looks like we've thrown the decorations on with our eyes shut. Dad's tried everything, but to no avail, the tree keeps falling over. I think it's meant to be... 

The history of the Tree Topple originates from the late 90's. The first time it fell over was at Mum's house. It was raining heavily and it caused part of the roof to collapse onto the tree, knocking it over. James, who was about four, was broken hearted. "Will there still be Christmas?" He asked, borderline tears. That line has become an infamous phrase.  

Christmas isn't about pretty things, it's about spending time with your awesome family and friends, eating ham and being merry. 

The tree with no top.
Our version of an angel. 

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