Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'll Meet You at the McCafe

Speaking of genuine endorsements, this little piece presented by Carrie Bickmore, certainly wasn't one. Poor Carrie has been ripped to shreds, but I do agree with those defending her, she was just doing her job. She probably hates the people who made her plug Maccas, but guess what? Without advertising revenue, no media corporation would be able to survive. So you can't bite the hand that feeds you! 

Yes this is a big fat, advertising fail. The product wasn't seamlessly woven into the segment BUT if there's one positive thing that's come out of it, is that it's inspired a fun new game. Watch the clip here and then I'll teach you how to play after. 

Now are you cringing with embarrassment? It's pretty bad isn't it. On the way home from dinner last night Ed, Julie and myself decided to see how we could link the most obscure things to a McCafe. Cue giggles of laughter as we shamelessly plugged it in every conversation. We then decided that someone should send an email to all the girls and pepper it with lots of McCafe references. See below for the email banter that panned out today. Well played Ali, I'm guessing you must have seen the clip. I'm sure the other recipients were left a tad confused - 

FROM: Julie Chapman
SUBJECT: Great dinner guys
Hey guys, Just wanted to say, great dinner last night. Food, friends, fantastic... Only one thing could have made the night better and that would have been if we had met up at one of McDonalds 470 nationwide Mc Cafes. It would be the perfect place for us to be meet up next time for fresh hot coffee made from 100% arabica beans and Delicious pastries baked daily on site. Julie.(This email was proudly sponsored by McDonalds)

FROM: Edwina Brennan
SUBJECT: Re: Great dinner guys
Agreed, great dinner. Let me know who's keen to come out on Saturday. I'm feeling a Maccas dash after. Dinner again next Tuesday?

FROM: Annabelle Brennan
SUBJECT: Re: Re: Great dinner guys
I too feel like we should have gone to a McCafe instead... Next time could we please consider this venue for our hip, girly hang outs? Sadly I won't be able to come next Tuesday as I'll be up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning getting fresh coffee from a McCafe and running around like a crazy lady for a work event we're doing. Enjoy!(This email was proudly sponsored by McDonalds)

FROM: Alison Parr
SUBJECT: Re: Re: Re: Great dinner guys
Totes McCafe. I hang out there all the time, with my other stylish and hip friends. Wove youse all. Last night was fun!

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