Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God Love Your Girlfriends

Get your hands on the new Frankie asap. Seriously peeps. Ok, so it's not their best cover, but as per always the writing is top notch.

My fave feature this month comes from one of my most beloved writers, Triple J's ex breakfast host and general goddess, Marieke Hardy. I've followed Marieke's work over the years, from her award winning blog, her column in The Age, to her Frankie features. She is my writing idol. Her article, Best Friends Forever, in which she professes her love for her awesome circle of friends, got me all teary and choked up, in a good way.

Marieke writes, "Sometimes I look around a table of my closest girlfriends and ponder through my dreamy wine haze over how long I've known them and all that we've been through together and which one of them is wearing the denim jacket I bought at Savers that never quite fit me even when I strapped my bosoms down with gaffa tape and eventually I think: My God, I can't believe these women put up with me." It got me thinking about the different breeds of friends you have. Old friends and new.

You'll always have your inner sanctum of friends. People who've known you since you were that awkward teenager with braces, peroxided hair and your g-string hanging out. Friends you may not see for a few weeks, months and sometimes even years. But you always pick up where you left off. They're your BFF's. For life, man.

Then sometimes, you can be so lucky to make new BFFs. People you click with. People who you just get. I've been blessed to make a new BFF and I couldn't imagine my life without her. She's my GUF, my BUFFL and the sub-editor to my life.

And then you have your work buddies. Those amazing people that make going to work so much fun.  The other day I said to Shan Dog, "God we're lucky with our little crew. Our lunch play dates in Hyde Park make me so happy." We lie in the sun, lobbed on top of each other on the picnic rug, giggling our pants off. Shollis, Chinny, Lohie and Hughsey rock my world. Don't even get me started on who can do the best drawing in Paint, or print screen shot the cutest boy. Our email banter is a lethal combination of LOLZ, ROFLZ and LAMOZ. The thought of our adventures get me up in the morning.  

So thanks to all you lovely ladies in my life. BFFs, new BFF's, work BFF's  - you're good eggs. Now if only I could be BFFs with my girl crush Miss Hardy!

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