Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get Your Hoedown On!

As far as Christmas parties go, ACP's on Thursday night was tres ridic. When we first found out the theme was "Christmas Hoedown" there were mixed reactions. But who doesn't like a bit of flanno action? In the end, everyone embraced it and there were Dolly Partons, pigtails and boots galore. All week the rumour mill spun with intrigue. 

"There's a kissing booth!" 

"Then who the hell will be behind it? There's 5 boys to 3000 girls!"

"There's a mechanical bull!"

"There's going to be hay everywhere." 

And the rumours lived up to expectation, and then some. It was all true! Cowgirls, cowboys, Indians and even moo-cows boot scooted the night away at Fox Studios. I'd never seen so many people rip it up on the d-floor! I was trying to figure out why my neck was so sore today and then remembered it's because of Leanne and I's little dance move she taught me that we performed all night (FYI, it's shoulder, shoulder, head up, head down, neck roll for those playing at home). 

You felt like you were on the set of a movie or at a festival. There was even a raunchy performance of "These Boots Were Made For Walking," by super hot cross dresser Courtney Act. The stage was made from two utes reversed onto each other and all night the DJ spun retro country hits and awesome music while projections of old Western movies were shot up on the wall. 

The Hoedown was a huge success. They definitely know how to throw a gosh darn good party. Merry Christmas ya'll!

Fogs and I getting our cowgirl on.

Shollis, myself, Lohie and Dear John just chilling on a bale of hay.

Jessica Simpson eat your heart out!
The flicked heel, our stock standard pose for the night.

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