Saturday, December 18, 2010

Five Inventions Someone Should Make

Any budding engineers, entrepreneurs or inventors out there? Can you please turn my ideas into reality? You may dismiss them as silly tosh, but I think these inventions could bring a lot of happiness to people's lives. 

  • Master pager: How sweet life would be if we could find everything we've ever lost. Never again would you shed tears over that sentimental ring, your expensive iphone or all those photos you lost on your digi cam. With the master pager you'd simply have your dearest possessions installed with a tiny microchip. When you lose them, you press their button on your computer and a map would show their exact whereabouts. 

  • Comeback generator: Don't you hate it when you think of a good call after the argument? Imagine having a device in your ear that generated instant, cheeky come backs. No one would ever mess you with you and your fire tongue again!

  • An instant cure for a broken heart, similar to Panadol: Say goodbye to mopey moods, alcohol fuelled rampages and drunk dialling! In one small pill you'll keep your dignity and forget the pain. I think this bad boy could make millions!

  • Ability to turn dogs / people into puppies / babies again: As much as I love the teenage versions of my little broseph and dog Daisy, I sometimes look at them and wish they could be that adora-bubble toddler/ puppy for just one more day and for just one more cuddle. How cool would it be if you could pick up a remote control, zap it at said human/ dog and select what age you want them to be.

Oh, how we whinge about our first world problems! What things would you like to invent to improve our already charmed lives?

Daisy in her puppy days.

1 comment:

  1. haha this is gold. I'd like someone to invent teleportation!


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