Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every Crush Tells the Same Story

Your Facebook stalko-meter increases, you find any way possible to bring them up in conversation, you over analyse every word, every touch (which is probably more like an accidental graze) and convince yourself that they were definitely flirting with you (even though they probably weren't). 

You tell yourself a million times that you'll get the courage to ask them out but deep down you know you never will and there goes another Dream Boy, wasted because you're too scared to put yourself out there. 

This is also known as shouldda, wouldda, couldda syndrome. 

Are you a scaredy cat like me when it comes to mega babes who you have a crush on? Do you gaze at them with puppy dog eyes and image all the super fun times you would have if you were together, but never act on it? Why are we so scared to ask people out? I know! It's that little thing called The Fear of Rejection. Nothing would hurt more. If only I could be as honest as Aaron Carter and sing with pride, "I've got a crush on you!" Minus the under cut. 


  1. I'm a scaredy cat. Thanks for once again summing it up so well.

  2. You have nothing to lose - the boys feel exactly as you.I want to know what happened to the empowered women's movement that just asked them out. What a pity - some gains seem to have been lost.

  3. Don't think fear of rejection has anything to do with the Women's Movement. Think it's engrained in all of us! At least I can admit I'm scared to ask people out due to The Fear.

    Ok, screw it... I'll ask him out and let you know how I go. If he says yes, you'll win a prize.


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