Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Speak Tweet?

Any Twitter fiends out there? Do you know your RTs from your #hash tags? Your @'ing from your Twitpic-ing? Am I making sense? Probably not. But if you speak Tweet you'll know what I'm on about.

Twitter is like the Facebook status update, on steroids. The best thing about Twitter, is celeb 'following'. Wanna know what Demi Moore had for breakfast and other mundane info, the fun is just a mouse click away! But there are definitely LOL worthy tweeps out there to follow, crafting quality ROFLZ with 140 characters or less.

If anything, Twitter is a place for the masses to stroke the egos of celebs and other figures they admire. It's now easier than ever to make contact with Scary Spice. Awes-balls I know! Where was Twitter in my Spice Girl crazed days? I totes could have become BFFs with them. 

Want to find out what all this Twitter hoo-ha is about? Follow me - twitter.com/bellabrennan and remember to always tweet nicely! 

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