Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cultural Cringe: how do I know you? Oh that's right, by stalking you on facebook!

The other night, a gorgeous girl walked into the room. 

How the hell do I know you? I swear I've met you before... I racked my brain. Shit. I haven't met you. Ever. I know your face through stalking you on Facebook. Eeek! Yes, I am a mega loser.  

It's quite scary how much time you can spend on that sneaky time vampire Facebook. It's like peeking into people's bedrooms. It's a spiderweb of incestuous links. Connect the dots and then get lost in worlds of lights, music and craziness. Some people's lives look so shiny and fun, but it's probably all fake. Just like the gorgeous girl's tan and pseudo English accent. That's the beauty of real life, the digital filter is gone. There's no airbrushing, editing or censoring. I can smell a fake when I see one, and boy did her spray tan reek.   

Have you been guilty of the same crime? Or do I just spend too much time snooping the Beautiful People?


  1. Don't worry ur not alone this has happened to me too. A lot actually.

  2. Ha this is a clever piece. I wonder if she recognised you right back?


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