Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cover Love: My Top Ten Covers of 2010

It's impossible to pick just ONE favourite, so I've picked ten! From weekly, monthly to bi-monthly mags, the market is crazily fierce, so you need a striking cover to make your mark. 

What were your favourite Aussie covers of 2010? Do you agree/disagree with my choices? What makes an amazing cover? What cover girls (and boys) do you want to see in 2011? In no particular order here are ten covers that set my heart racing this year... 

Love how they've matched the cover lines to her aqua blue nail polish and those lustrous sparkling eyes of Abbey Lees, gazing over that babe's shoulder. Hot, hot, hotty mc-hot hot! Vogue, March
Goodness gracious me indeed. This cover is so cute I could squeeze its cheeks! Frankie are the masters of geek chic. Frankie, July/August  
 Katy Perry and her candy striped dress rock this issue of Grazia. Grazia, November 
Amanda comes out on top and that Miu Miu dress doesn't look too shabby either. Harper's Bazaar, November 
Quite possibly my all time favourite of 2010. Kylie just keeps getting better. madison, September
Yowsers, this is smoking. If that's what fifties fever looks like, then gimmie twenty! So much 'tude, so much style and minimal cover lines = big win. Vogue, September
Pastel heaven. Soft, sleek, stunning. STYD, October
Oh Bambi, we love you! Pencil thin eye brows? Don't think so. Miss Northwood-Blyth works the big brow and bow combo, looking fashionably festive. Harper's Bazaar, December

I love Cleo's Nylon-esque design. Oh and I guess the Bachelor issue is pretty damn exciting too. Cleo, April
Kate Moss, I salute you. You're the ultimate cover girl. Red lips, red cover lines - what an awesome way to send out the year in style! Madison, December 


  1. Some good choices here. I loved the Jan issue of Cleo with Leighton Meester and the April issue of Harper's with the Wonderland cover.
    Plus who could go past Ralph's last cover with Chik Chik Boom gal...

  2. Mia in Wonderland and Miranda's madison March Aussie dress cover were on my short list. Haha RIP Ralph.

  3. Love them all except I'm so over Kylie covers.


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