Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ballet's Back Baby!

Last night, a certain n00b brother was so busy gaming he forgot to log out of his Facebook. Being the lovely older sister I am, I decided I should write a sneaky status update on his account (he's done it to me many times too). It read - James Brennan... "My fave Xmas prezzie? My hawt new Gucci tutu. Can't wait to carve up the dfloor in it! Ballet is back ya'll, Kanye made it cool!"

Thanks to Mr West-Douchebag's amazing video clip below (watching it makes me want to limber up and whip out some split leaps and arabesques) and a little movie called Black Swan the graceful ballerina look is back.

So ballerina girls and boys, it's time to dust off your pointes, leotards and tutus, twirl your hair into a high bun and practise your sultry pouty face, ala Natalie P. Ps. totes magotes can't wait to see Nat rocking the bebe bump

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