Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are You An Accidental Flirt?

I am, and I make no apologies either. It's something I do without even realising. I walk away from a conversation and someone will comment, "I think that person thought you were flirting with them." Whoops. I blame my personality. 

I'm a friendly girl. I'll chat to anyone. From having a chin wag with ex PM Johnny Howard when my sister and I saw him at the airport, (I shamelessly walked up without even thinking twice) to my Big Issue street vendor John McGrath, who is the world's biggest legend. Every morning we chat and he wishes me "a bloody beautiful day darl," regardless if I'm buying a mag off him or not.  

I love a good convo. But friendly banter can sometimes be misinterpreted as flirting, thus we have the term "Accidental Flirt". Most Accidental Flirts have forward personalities, so it's hard to tell when we're being friendly or flirty. Or both. Most of the time I'm just being friendly. Like yesterday for example, when I went to renew* my licence and the 18 year old dude serving me was wearing an elf hat. CUTE! I got a bit excited by this burst of festivity at the RTA, usually the most vacuous and depressing place on earth. 'Don't you look jolly, I love your hat!' I chirped. I wasn't hitting on him in the slightest. I genuinely liked his hat but he then asked me what I was up to tonight. "Err nothing, the weekend comes around and I just want to die on the couch." 

When it came time to get my licence photo I moaned, "oh God, do I have to get another photo? Can't we use my old one? I have no make-up on!" The sweet boy then said, "I didn't realise you weren't wearing any makeup, I think you look nice." Bless his cotton socks. I looked like balls. 

You see, it is easier than you think to accidentally flirt with the elf at the RTA. Now that's not to say us AFs throw ourselves at anything that walks. We're just friendly peeps. You should see me when I'm really getting my flirt on! According to my friends when I'm actually flirting I pull "the Bella eyes." What exactly this is, I'm not sure. Ask them. Or I'm sure they'll be happy to leave a comment with the definition! Cue Ingrid.  

Are you an accidental flirt, or is there a clear cut line? Do you have any tell tale sings that you're getting your flirt on? 

*So my licence expires at the end of this month. I thought why not kill 2 birds with one stone, and go for my Green P's. I put off studying all week. I briefly  squizzed over the website and thought whatevs, this looks easy, you can't fail your Green P's. All you have to do is wear no make-up and you'll pass. That's my sure fire trick that's always worked in the past. My theory being if you look like crap, you'll pass and have to get your licence photo taken. Well, turns out YOU CAN FAIL YOUR GREEN P'S, and I DID! To be fair (and to prevent loads of humiliation) in my defence I passed my L's and Red P's first time round so there. Mock me all you want, at least I'm still allowed on the road. 

Men in tights = babes. 


  1. yes. thank you for bringing the notion to the surface. being an AF doesn't go down well with gufs.

  2. haha, I had the accidental flirt with my cab driver home last week. he ended up asking for my number and asking me out for drinks. I didn't know how to politely say no, I did however say i wasn't comfortable giving my number out. He persisted, so I just took his number and deleted it the next day.
    Emma Shep

  3. "The eyes" (aka Bella's flirt face!):
    It's when she looks up from under her eyelashes (helps that she's slightly on the shorter side!) at the guy she's thinking is a piece of alright - the eyelashes might bat occassionally but is not necessary for her to have the eyes.
    Can also sometimes involve giving different 'eyes' to the gals she's out with to tell us to make ourselves scarce!
    Boys if you're getting the eyes from Bella well done!!
    PS these eyes are in no way associated with inebriation! That's Braz's thing ha!

  4. Sorry, correction... Pen Den Mob actually wrote that, not Inga!


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