Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Out For Channel V, The Sequel

Hey you, in case we haven't met, let me introduce myself. My name is Annabelle (aka Bella) "Shameless" Brennan. To put it simply, you can call me AB. If you really wanna help, you can refer to me as "AB FOR CHANNEL V!" There's endless choice. 

I'm entering the Channel V Global Animal competition and as a last hoorah in the hopes of catching Channel V's eye here are some pics I prepared earlier! What's that? Pipe down lassie? Don't you think a photo shoot is a bit OTT? Well yeah, you're right but the thing is I actually love thinking of creative concepts and bringing them to life and I was lucky enough to have the support and help from some brilliant people at work. When it comes to once in a life time opportunities you may as well go all out, right? 

I couldn't think of anything better than being a Channel V BJ and combining my two passions of travel and writing. Want to help a sister out? Instructions on voting can be found here.

How bad do I want this? So bad that I'm willing to promote myself through the medium of foodaxelotles street press, videos and dorky photo shoots

Now here's a fun little behind the scenes video from the shoot, created by Shannon Hollis of eyeheartchoo. It documents our interesting walk down Park St on a Saturday morning carrying a pair of Skis! Got a lot of funny looks! Ps, I just had to have this song, I am so in love with it! Hello soundtrack to summer! And if you change the DJ to BJ (blog jockey) it works even better!



  1. This is great! Where is your dress from?


  3. Love all your clothes from the shoot. Are they all yours and where can I get my hands on that tutu?

  4. Yarg, everything is mine! Dress is Something Else from Incu, tutu is an H&M el cheapo, shoes were 6 pounds from Primark and tee was a freebie from work!


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