Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yo Cake Face, Take Some Make-Up Off!

I am so digging minimal make-up. I think nothing's worse than the cakey OTT look. Where's your pretty face hiding under all that gunk? 

I once knew a girl who wore so much foundation and fake tan that people thought she was Latino! She was actually of alabaster complexion but you'd never know unless she lifted up her underarms and lo and behold there was her porcelain skin revealed. The funny thing is, she looked better au naturale.

But it's hard to accept what we have. She has straight hair but she wants curly. She has big boobs, but she wants small. She has sexy curvy hips, but she hates them. We're never satisfied. 

Considering I spend most of my day running around like a crazy lady, I don't want to feel super grimy. A bit of bronzer + mascara and you're good to go. If I'm exhausted and need to look semi-awake, I'll wear eyeshadow. But it's taken me many years of layer caking (yep, I wore hectic blue eye shadow to to my year 12 formal. Pass the spew bucket please) to finally accept that my mug doesn't always need to be covered in crap. 

Today Shan Dog went surfing for a little work do, she came back to the office with zilch make-up on and looked like a babe. Truly inspiring. I'm sure many women would be hesitant to bear their naked mugs. What's your make-up policy?

1 comment:

  1. That was cool back then! I;m sure the application of blue eyeshadow was immaculate and inspired.


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