Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Highlights

  • JP's pickleback shots on Friday night at the Flinders pub. Quite possibly the most lethal thing I've ever tasted. Step one, skull half a cup of whiskey. Step two, skull the pickle brine. Step three, eat said pickle. Or accidentally throw it over your shoulder like I did. Whoops. 
  • Inga knocking over a vase full of diamantes, that were placed right next to the door for some reason and coining the new and improved "diamantes are a gal's best friend."
  • Annoying Ju Ju with our chav-tastic accents.  
  • First beach session of the season. 
  • Vanilla milkshakes at Balmoral. 
  • Post-beach curls. 


  1. i lovvveee pickled gherkins!!

  2. Haha not when they're loaded with alcohol and you have to eat it after two shots! I piked on my pickle....

  3. also - vital consideration: no one likes a gherkin smooch. maybe it was wise of you to pike on your pickle


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