Monday, November 15, 2010

Way To Make My Day BJ!

Who doesn't love getting old fashion NON-ELECTRONIC MAIL! Tonight I came home to a gorgeous, brown envelope. Who was the lovely letter from? The one, the only, Gisele Bundchen aka Brad Joseph. It read - 

"Dear chosen few, congratulations you have been selected as part of Australia's finest wine tour. This year's event will be held at the spectacular back drop of Orange's Central West (home to Dubbo's MYER's Fashions on the Field WINNER 2010)."

Damn that boy makes me laugh. The letter had a full itinerary of our weekend, info on all the wineries we'll be visiting and a map of Orange. What a cutie! I can only imagine how fun it will be when we are reunited to farewell BJ in style. The celebrity guest is yet to be announced, but I know it will be someone super rad from the industry. Probably one of his BFFs like Naomi, Bambi or even Miranda and her bump!   

Gisele wins the MYER Fashion on the Fields. No big deal. Just another day in the life of an international runway model. He probably shouldn't have been allowed to enter. Way too qualified. 

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