Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please Forgive Me, I Don't Speak Bag

A quick gaze around my room and we've got a hideous fake Prada bag I bought off the street in Rome and never used, a cute Topshop satchel from my broseph, a gorgeous ('el cheapo nonetheless) falling apart bag from Thailand and the only designer thing I have to my name - a fun tie dye tote by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs (creative line huh!) from Shan Dog.

I've never had a bag fetish. Or a shoe fetish (but that's mainly because none fit me!) Speaking handbag just doesn't turn me on. Speaking chip flavours, now there's a guaranteed way to get me aroused. 

But, I'm about to eat my words. I was recently given a very generous amount of DJ's vouchers for helping out at a work event and I think it's time I crossed over to the dark side. Before you say "BIG FAT HYPOCRITE", I do believe in rewarding yourself. Just not every week. And then maxing out your credit card. If your money is where your mouth is and you can afford it (or, you have lovely free vouchers!) go for it! I feel like there are certain things you need to earn, so it is without any guilt that I am going to get my FIRST ever, semi-decent, non-lipstick stained or broken, handbag. And I will wear him everyday, till he falls apart. It's my first 'grown up girl' asset. 

Do you reward yourself at the end of the year with a little "me" present? Do you have certain treats that you work towards? Do you speak fluent bag?

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  1. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Soooooo jealous!


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