Sunday, November 28, 2010

Does Anyone Speak Ukrainian?

One of my favourite past times, as a closeted interweb geek, is looking at my traffic statistics from my blog. Don't freak out, dear reader. I have no idea who you are, I just get a break down of state, city, country and what posts you visit.    

I love logging in and seeing different flags from all over the world. Some highlights this week were hits from Joensuu (Eastern Finland), Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina), Gräveneck (Hessen, Germany) and Aiguaviva (Catalonia, Spain). But my favourite hit was from Kiev in Ukraine. See below screen grab.

The beauty of da World Wide Web. 

Another fascinating application on statcounter (which I'd thoroughly recommend to all bloggers) is you can see the key words people type into search engines that lead to your site. My Kiev visitor typed in the below (???) and it lead them to my Textiquette piece. Does anyone speak Ukrainian and can help translate? I would love to know what it says!

WANTED: someone to translate this!

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