Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fuck It, Let's Go All Out!

On Wednesday morning I got a very pleasant phone call from a little company called Channel V. They asked me if I was free for an interview that afternoon. FUCK YES, I mean, why but of course, was along the lines of my response. The rest of the day I was a nervous wreck. Many thanks to Shannon and Tiff for doing mock interviews with me at lunch. 

Finally the phone rang again at 4pm. I dashed into a private meeting room at work and answered their questions. They said they'd be in touch on Friday. For the rest of the week I was crossing my whole body in hope of getting a trip to the South of France or Miami. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. BUT the beauty of this comp is, there are 6 more trips up for grabs so they said to keep campaigning and I can still win. The hard part? I need to get more votes to progress to the next level. In a nutshell, there are 5 levels which are reflective of your votes (hitchhiker, bus, train, limo, private jet) Once you get to that level it's judged on creative merit, not votes. So, the trips for the bus level have been given away. I need to get to 'train' (or even better!) and I could potentially get a trip to Hawaii and be one of the Channel V blog jockeys. 

When it comes to once in a lifetime opportunities, you may as well go all out. My shame is non-existent. Coming so close has made me want it even more. So here at Lowbrow Hoo-Ha we're in full blown campaign mode. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of fun videos and posts, I am going to get all up in Channel V's grill! Want to know how to help a sister out? Follow these instructions on voting -

1. Go to the Channel V facebook page:
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella” (I’m the girl doing star jumps underneath the Eiffel Tower)
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that! Enjoy this candy* as a token of my appreciation. 

Thanks again to my nifty designer, Ingrid Kool-Clarke of Gargoyle Designs, for making these oh-so-fab flyers, we had so much fun designing them up (see below pic). Watch out Sydney CBD I'm coming to get you! And muchos grazias to Shan Dog for your endless help. 

* Candy may not actually exist. 

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