Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holy Shit Balls, I'm in a LIMO!!!

I'm ridiculously excited that I've reached the second highest level (limo) for the Channel V B430 Blog Jockey comp! Thanks times a ZILLION MILLION to all you fabulous people who've voted and helped get me here! I'm also super stoked that Channel V presenter Billy, wrote a lovely response to my little tweet (see below). Love a bit of a Twitter pow-wow. I'm not sure which VJ is going to Hawaii, but hey, they're all fun! 

I'm not sure if I'm still eligible for the Hawaii trip, or if I'm just able to go for the soon-to-be-announced trip for the limo level. But did I mention I have insane hula skills? I'm also pretty nifty with a backpack. Still not convinced I'd make a good blog jockey? Read my "Things I've Learnt While Travelling" blogs from my past backpacking adventures here and here. It would be a dream come true to combine my two passions of writing and travel. 

Thanks so much to the awesome Sophie Miura, for writing about my campaign in her weekly blog for madison. You can read her piece here. My next aim? To get to the final level (private jet... a girl can dream). Want to help me get there? Pretty please vote!  

1. Go to the Channel V facebook
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend!

Bella the backpacker - Euro trip, 2008.

Star jump if you love Paris! Myself and Penny, July 2010.

Yowsers! Thanks Billy!

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  1. Go Bella! Your posts for your campaign are great, I hope you win.


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