Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Favour to Ask You, Dear Reader

Never one to shy away from a fab competition, I've decided to try my hand at the Channel V Global Animal comp. They're looking for 8 blog jockeys to write about all the juicy stories during the filming of the new B430 series. A week of travel + blogging = dream come true! It's an amazing opportunity and I'm sure everyman and his blog will be trying to get their mitts on this sweet as prize, so that's why I need YOUR help, sexy reader! Please vote for me and let the Channel V team know I'm their girl! Help me stand out from the zillions of entries and make love to your mouse on my behalf. Click away, I beg of you! 

Bored at work? I have an idea! VOTE FOR ME! Want to make my dream come true? I have an idea! VOTE FOR ME? Want to shut me up? Then simply log onto Facebook, click this link and I'll love you forever! It's easy as pie. All you have to do is visit my profile, like the page and and then click the 'vote for me' link.  As part of the comp, I'll also be doing regular status updates. The more votes and momentum I can create, the higher the chance I have of winning! Alternatively you can copy and paste this bad boy and click 'vote for me' - 

So how can I thank you? At the end, I'll see who voted and do a nice little tribute blog to all the voters about why you are so fabulous. For realsies. I'm thinking maybe a mass acrostic poem. But you will be recognised and thanked! Did I mention how ravishing you look? 

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