Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do You Have the Op-Shop Gene?

No matter how hard I try, I suck at op-shopping. It kills me too, because I could be saving myself a lot of sweet arse monies. I don't have that clever eye that can spot stellar Vinnie's treasures. It's all too hard fossicking through to find outfits. Shopping's tricky enough, I'd rather walk into a department store and not have to worry. 

My friends, Inga and Ali, are the Queens of Op-Shopping. They can make a potato sack look hot, because they posses the Op-Shop Gene (a skill you are born with). Both girls have handy little sewing machines to tweak and transform their frocks. Time after time I am blown away by what they whip up and am always left shocked when the price is under $20! Inga and I have very similar denim jackets by default. Inga's cost $6 from Vinnies and mine cost $140. Ouch!

I wish I had the Fashiony Gene too (the ability to make anything look good / fashion and style is in your blood). The editorial fashion girls at work always look so effortlessly chic. Well, a lot of people at work do actually. But the fashion department in particular are pros! Even when they are just wearing jeans and a tee, they make it look amazing and give me severe outfit envy.

Do you have the Op-Shop / Fashiony Gene? Or are you a lazy sell out like me?

 Our identical denim jackets. If only I could op-shop and I would be a much richer lady!


  1. I'm the same way. We should work on our op shop skills in neurtral bay one weekend. Inga needs to spread the love and tips!

  2. Maybe she could hold workshops and teach us!

  3. I'd be willing to pay in her in candys*.

    *candies may not really exist

  4. I have a strange feeling I've heard that line before...


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