Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did Someone Say Shameless?

Oh yeah, I really went there. I, Annabelle Rose Shameless Brennan, pimped myself out to the innocent citizens of Sydney's CBD all in the name of achieving my dream. But you know what? It was so much fun! I handed out flyers to anyone that would listen. A nice trick was the 'pamphlet switcheroo', swapping flyers with fellow street press buddies on the premise that I'd read theirs, if they read mine!

How bad do I want this? So bad that I'm willing to promote myself through the medium of food, axelotles and street press! But regardless of if I win or not, it's been such an awesome experience thinking of crazy ways to hopefully catch Channel V's eye! Here are some pics from our fun little adventure. Thanks to my clever photographer Shan Dog for capturing these giggly shots. 

WHAT? YOU STILL HAVEN'T VOTED? That's ok, I forgive you -

1. Go to the Channel V facebook
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend!


  1. I bet most of the votes came from the Grammar boys!

  2. Love this! Flyers look awesome.


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