Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Blogger's Bible

My buffl Shan Dog, recently joined the blogosphere and it got us talking about what makes a good blog? And what makes a shit blog? So, I've complied a little list of blogging tips for anyone out there thinking about joining the force. 
  • Be self deprecating. Honesty is the best policy. You don't need to rip yourself to shreds, but it helps to be able to poke fun at yourself. No one wants to read egotistical drivel. 
  • Sharing is caring as long as you acknowledge your sources. No idea is original or owned, so make sure you always credit where you draw your inspiration from. 
  • Make your topics universal, so that even Maria from Uzbekistan ( I've seriously had hits from there) can relate to it. You can use a personal story, but make sure there's a bigger element not just focused on YOU. Your reader can be anyone, don't forget that.
  • Be loud and be proud! No one's going to know about your blog if you don't put it out there. Tweet it, Facebook it, throw it all over the interweb
  • Make the mundane interesting. Not the mundane, mundane. If you're going to write about what you had for breakfast, then I'm hoping you were eating scrambled moose. 
  • Write about people you admire, and let them know! You never know what will come out of it, I almost had a heart attack when I was asked to write about one of my favourite writers by "his people". 
  • Never portray the people you love in a negative light. 
  • Be careful with your words. Make sure you would be comfortable for your colleagues and parents to read what you write and that you won't die of embarrassment if it comes back to bite you on the arse when you're older. If you wouldn't talk about it, don't write about it. Also, if you want a career as a politician, probably best not to have a blog. 
  • Spell cheque plis, nofinks warse thon bard spilling, syntax and gramah. You don't need a degree in writing, but it helps to be able to eloquently string a sentence togeffffah. 
  • Just like cover lines sell mags, a catchy blog header can get you crazy traffic so get your creative juices flowing and always give your story a cute heading. 
  • Short and sweet people. The internet is a fast moving place, so get to the point. Make your posts clear and succinct before your reader gets bored and logs onto Habbo Hotel. No one wants to be dogged for that. 
  • Choose polarising topics that will trigger debate among your readers. 
  • BLOG YOUR PANTS OFF BABY - the more you do it, the better you'll get, so keep at it!
  • And to all you self-obsessed bloggers out there, a blog isn't a vessel for posting sexy solo pics of yourself. We all know how to use Photo Booth. Hot or Not can be found here
Happy blogging ya'll!


  1. HAHAHA love your last point lady! These tips are great I'm not a writer, but you've even made tips about writing an interesting read. Ps. your blog is my favourite place to visit. i think u should turn it into a book or something :-)

  2. Oh, you speak so much sense. Hurrah. I have one to add: Edit, edit, edit. And the carriage return button is a blogger's friend. No one likes a block of text. (my eyes, my eyes)

  3. Nice post. Leaves me feeling quite smug as my post several hours ago was my shortest so far at two words.

    I try to vary the length on mine though. And mood. Variety being the spice. Hopefully.

  4. Hi! I'm Janyx from the Philippines.
    This is a great help! I'm just new to blogging.
    Thanks you so much for sharing this.
    All the best for you dear!

  5. Love your perspective and your blog. Your tips are right on the money. Thanks.

  6. So wait...posting 100 arm-length pictures of myself pouting my sexy lips and squinting my "I'll take my clothes off" eyes is NOT ok? ***runs frantically to blog***

  7. I enjoyed reading the tips. They are brief, informational and it is really worth it to stay on this space for a little while.

    Thank you

  8. Really great compilation of simple and worthy tips. Thanks a ton.


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