Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bellcabulary (words and phrases that float my boat)

  • Boyfriendaholic: Those who must always have a + one. Due to suffering severe Singlephobia (fear of being single, or as suffers refer to it "ALONE, DEAR GOD I CAN'T BE ALONE") they must always have a man-bag.
  • Stressorexia: Being so stressed that one forgets to eat and they adapt the skeletor look. Similar to break-uporexia. 
  • One-uppers: Those charming people who act like everything is a competition and are persistent in 'one-upping' you. Eg, YOU: "Oh yeah I know her, we used to go to school together." THEM: "Oh Yeah? Well, we were best friends for like all of uni." Ok, calm down mate. You win!
  • Face-purge: Cleaning out your Facebook friend's list. That girl who writes constant updates about her knitting? See ya later. That dude who writes unnecessary comments on your posts? Bye bye. 
  • Eye sex: Making eyes at the cute boy across the room. It's the first step towards locking in the party pash.
  • Party pash: A cheeky pash and dash on a night out. Means nothing but fun.
  • The exhibition walk: Ever notice how people walk in a very hushed, proper manner when they're at an exhibition? Hands braced behind back, head bobbing forward in interest. Inga and I coined this phrase long ago. See below for our exhibition walk impersonation at a Beatle's gallery in Liverpool airport.

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