Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back of the Wardrobe Wonders, Making the Old New

This morning I stared at my wardrobe, completely uninspired. Sometimes I wish work was like high school and we had uniforms. But when you get a hot new outfit it puts the fun back into it. I was tempted to just wear my cute new nighty. Surely no one would notice....

So what did I do? I rocked the "Nicki Chin" look (my gorgeous work chum / girl crush / general fashionista). I took a leaf out of Chinny's book and wore a lace cropped tee over my maxi dress, creating the illusion of a maxi SKIRT. Suddenly my shabby old maxi, looked all new and shiny.  

Earlier this week I rediscovered a pretty skirt from Kookai circa 2005! I wore it with a simple white Sporty G shirt. Awesome outfit, bar the fact I'd forgotten how blowey-uppey the skirt is, so every time there was a gust of wind the whole of Sydney caught a glimpse of my knickers. Sorry about that!  

There's a million different combos within your wardrobe, sometimes you're just too sleepy to think of them! Who do you style stalk for inspiration? Do you ever trawl through the back of your wardrobe and reinvent old pieces?

If only I could look as good as SJP while being humiliated!

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