Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Retro Read

I found this piece on my old travel blog I used to write on in 2009. Gosh, what a difference a year makes! Looking back at that blog I realise my writing style has completely changed, and I'm happier. Dear old me a year ago, shut up and stop whingeing. No one likes a grumpy pants. Lucky for you, lovely reader, I've plucked out the tolerable pieces that won't make you want to muzzle me. 

DAILY DROOL Written July 15th 2009

I find this photo absolutely stunning. It's one of those fluke shots that look like a post card for which I can take no credit for, it's simply the spectacular surroundings making love to the lens. It was taken in October 2008, standing on the Charles Bridge in Prague. It is such a silent, still moment. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the hoards of human traffic you have to battle through on the bridge. It's so hard to even get a picture of yourself without accidentally being in someone else's so I resorted to taking photos looking out from the bridge and this is the result. I love it so much that it lives in a frame in my room. 

True Love?

Seeing old couples walk hand in hand never fails to give me the warm fuzzies. Maybe lasting relationships do exist?

Or maybe they just met on RSVP? I hope it's not the latter.

Revealed: The Meaning of Life!

ME: What did you learn at school today mate?

JB: The meaning of life. 

ME: Oh yeah? Awesome. What is it?

JB: Pawning and owning n00bs in Call of Duty.  

ME: .........

Want to Take Me for a Ride on a Big Jet Plane?

Not that there's anything wrong with cruising in a limo... Hey, I travel on a City Rail train everyday I'm not complaining in the slightest. It's just that Clare looks so lonely up there by herself. She needs a chum to hang out with. I'm so close, help me get to the final level! If you want a guaranteed way to make me lover chu forevs and evs ya'll VOTE FOR ME! Pretty please, with a curly wurly on top. I swear I'll leave you alone (soon). 

1. Go to the Channel V facebookpage:www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adorable Dads

Are you fighting the Sunday Night Blues? Here's a special treat to cheer you up. Introducing the Wrinkle Twinz, aka Triple J's Tom and Alex's dads. They put on a special DJ set for Tom's 21st on Thursday night. I just watched this with my sister and we couldn't breath. They are so cute and have killer taste in music too! Love the suits. Wrinkle Twinz will you please come and DJ if have a party? 

The World's Biggest Cupcake

I asked our great work experience girl to get cupcakes for Leanne's birthday. She came back from the shops very worried. "I'm so sorry, I couldn't find any regular sized ones. They only had these massive ones. I hope you don't mind!" Of course we didn't mind. It was only the best cupcake we'd ever seen and Leanne loved it! 

It was so huge our office couldn't get through it all, I sent out a group email to the trusty ACP Co-orinators / Finance list saying, "like cupcakes? Like super-sized cupcakes? Come to the madison office to get your slice. BYO Napkin." I got a lot of people writing back confused, "what the hell are you on about Bella?" And a few people popped up to take a roady.  

The beautiful birthday girl.

 Mich looks on with amazement at the cupcake!

Unconditional Love

Ingrid and her dog are magic to watch together. Scraps obeys her every command, it's as if he understands English! He is such a well trained dog. You can walk him to the shops without a leash, and he happily chills outside while you do your shopping. He is just beautiful. Oh nom, nom, nom. 

Lazy Sunday arvos. 

Signs of Summer....

You know summer is just around the corner when Sydney turns purple and your brother and dad turn into shouty, glazed over zombies, transfixed to the telly because The Ashes has started.

2 days and counting.

Jacaranda affair. The view from our balcony.

Does Anyone Speak Ukrainian?

One of my favourite past times, as a closeted interweb geek, is looking at my traffic statistics from my blog. Don't freak out, dear reader. I have no idea who you are, I just get a break down of state, city, country and what posts you visit.    

I love logging in and seeing different flags from all over the world. Some highlights this week were hits from Joensuu (Eastern Finland), Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina), Gräveneck (Hessen, Germany) and Aiguaviva (Catalonia, Spain). But my favourite hit was from Kiev in Ukraine. See below screen grab.

The beauty of da World Wide Web. 

Another fascinating application on statcounter (which I'd thoroughly recommend to all bloggers) is you can see the key words people type into search engines that lead to your site. My Kiev visitor typed in the below (???) and it lead them to my Textiquette piece. Does anyone speak Ukrainian and can help translate? I would love to know what it says!

WANTED: someone to translate this!

Pros and Cons of Jumpsuits and Failing Technology

Cute jumpsuit I got from the new Sporty-G flagship store in Pitt st:
  • PROS: Playful, fun, reminiscent of childhood days spent in onesies, makes you want to frolic and do spontaneous jigs.
  • CONS: Walking up stairs proves to be quite risque, I'm constantly worried people can see my butt, going to loo one has to get completely undressed.

My 'sent items' folder in my phone has recently decided to vanish:
  • PROS: Can't piece together the night before from your sent messages.
  • CONS: Can't piece together the night before from your sent messages.  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lost and Found

LOST: The back cover to my mobile. It could still very well be on the dance floor of The Beresford, along with some of my dignity. Poor Mr Nokia, I'm going to have to get crafty with the masking tape.

FOUND: A ginormous bruise on my leg, that I somehow acquired on Friday night and I have no idea how? Does anyone have any recollection of me falling over, or climbing trees, or doing split leaps? It's mighty impressive and I need a story to back it up!

Do You Have the Op-Shop Gene?

No matter how hard I try, I suck at op-shopping. It kills me too, because I could be saving myself a lot of sweet arse monies. I don't have that clever eye that can spot stellar Vinnie's treasures. It's all too hard fossicking through to find outfits. Shopping's tricky enough, I'd rather walk into a department store and not have to worry. 

My friends, Inga and Ali, are the Queens of Op-Shopping. They can make a potato sack look hot, because they posses the Op-Shop Gene (a skill you are born with). Both girls have handy little sewing machines to tweak and transform their frocks. Time after time I am blown away by what they whip up and am always left shocked when the price is under $20! Inga and I have very similar denim jackets by default. Inga's cost $6 from Vinnies and mine cost $140. Ouch!

I wish I had the Fashiony Gene too (the ability to make anything look good / fashion and style is in your blood). The editorial fashion girls at work always look so effortlessly chic. Well, a lot of people at work do actually. But the fashion department in particular are pros! Even when they are just wearing jeans and a tee, they make it look amazing and give me severe outfit envy.

Do you have the Op-Shop / Fashiony Gene? Or are you a lazy sell out like me?

 Our identical denim jackets. If only I could op-shop and I would be a much richer lady!

Holy Shit Balls, I'm in a LIMO!!!

I'm ridiculously excited that I've reached the second highest level (limo) for the Channel V B430 Blog Jockey comp! Thanks times a ZILLION MILLION to all you fabulous people who've voted and helped get me here! I'm also super stoked that Channel V presenter Billy, wrote a lovely response to my little tweet (see below). Love a bit of a Twitter pow-wow. I'm not sure which VJ is going to Hawaii, but hey, they're all fun! 

I'm not sure if I'm still eligible for the Hawaii trip, or if I'm just able to go for the soon-to-be-announced trip for the limo level. But did I mention I have insane hula skills? I'm also pretty nifty with a backpack. Still not convinced I'd make a good blog jockey? Read my "Things I've Learnt While Travelling" blogs from my past backpacking adventures here and here. It would be a dream come true to combine my two passions of writing and travel. 

Thanks so much to the awesome Sophie Miura, for writing about my campaign in her weekly blog for madison. You can read her piece here. My next aim? To get to the final level (private jet... a girl can dream). Want to help me get there? Pretty please vote!  

1. Go to the Channel V facebook page:www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend!

Bella the backpacker - Euro trip, 2008.

Star jump if you love Paris! Myself and Penny, July 2010.

Yowsers! Thanks Billy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did Someone Say Shameless?

Oh yeah, I really went there. I, Annabelle Rose Shameless Brennan, pimped myself out to the innocent citizens of Sydney's CBD all in the name of achieving my dream. But you know what? It was so much fun! I handed out flyers to anyone that would listen. A nice trick was the 'pamphlet switcheroo', swapping flyers with fellow street press buddies on the premise that I'd read theirs, if they read mine!

How bad do I want this? So bad that I'm willing to promote myself through the medium of food, axelotles and street press! But regardless of if I win or not, it's been such an awesome experience thinking of crazy ways to hopefully catch Channel V's eye! Here are some pics from our fun little adventure. Thanks to my clever photographer Shan Dog for capturing these giggly shots. 

WHAT? YOU STILL HAVEN'T VOTED? That's ok, I forgive you -

1. Go to the Channel V facebook page:www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend!

Why Should You Vote For Me? Because You Can Win Too!

I no lie! I only speak da troof! See that arrow? It's pointing to Miss Leanne Fogarty, my lovely work buddy who so kindly voted for me. She can now buy herself $200 worth of sweet beats, or any other electronic goods for that matter, thanks to JB Hi-Fi. Fancy yourself a bit of free stuff? Then get your voting pantz on peeps! There's a winner for everyday of the comp and it goes till Feb, so what are you waiting for?

1. Go to the Channel V facebook page: www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella”
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that legend! 

Back of the Wardrobe Wonders, Making the Old New

This morning I stared at my wardrobe, completely uninspired. Sometimes I wish work was like high school and we had uniforms. But when you get a hot new outfit it puts the fun back into it. I was tempted to just wear my cute new nighty. Surely no one would notice....

So what did I do? I rocked the "Nicki Chin" look (my gorgeous work chum / girl crush / general fashionista). I took a leaf out of Chinny's book and wore a lace cropped tee over my maxi dress, creating the illusion of a maxi SKIRT. Suddenly my shabby old maxi, looked all new and shiny.  

Earlier this week I rediscovered a pretty skirt from Kookai circa 2005! I wore it with a simple white Sporty G shirt. Awesome outfit, bar the fact I'd forgotten how blowey-uppey the skirt is, so every time there was a gust of wind the whole of Sydney caught a glimpse of my knickers. Sorry about that!  

There's a million different combos within your wardrobe, sometimes you're just too sleepy to think of them! Who do you style stalk for inspiration? Do you ever trawl through the back of your wardrobe and reinvent old pieces?

If only I could look as good as SJP while being humiliated!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bellcabulary (words and phrases that float my boat)

  • Boyfriendaholic: Those who must always have a + one. Due to suffering severe Singlephobia (fear of being single, or as suffers refer to it "ALONE, DEAR GOD I CAN'T BE ALONE") they must always have a man-bag.
  • Stressorexia: Being so stressed that one forgets to eat and they adapt the skeletor look. Similar to break-uporexia. 
  • One-uppers: Those charming people who act like everything is a competition and are persistent in 'one-upping' you. Eg, YOU: "Oh yeah I know her, we used to go to school together." THEM: "Oh Yeah? Well, we were best friends for like all of uni." Ok, calm down mate. You win!
  • Face-purge: Cleaning out your Facebook friend's list. That girl who writes constant updates about her knitting? See ya later. That dude who writes unnecessary comments on your posts? Bye bye. 
  • Eye sex: Making eyes at the cute boy across the room. It's the first step towards locking in the party pash.
  • Party pash: A cheeky pash and dash on a night out. Means nothing but fun.
  • The exhibition walk: Ever notice how people walk in a very hushed, proper manner when they're at an exhibition? Hands braced behind back, head bobbing forward in interest. Inga and I coined this phrase long ago. See below for our exhibition walk impersonation at a Beatle's gallery in Liverpool airport.

Yo Cake Face, Take Some Make-Up Off!

I am so digging minimal make-up. I think nothing's worse than the cakey OTT look. Where's your pretty face hiding under all that gunk? 

I once knew a girl who wore so much foundation and fake tan that people thought she was Latino! She was actually of alabaster complexion but you'd never know unless she lifted up her underarms and lo and behold there was her porcelain skin revealed. The funny thing is, she looked better au naturale.

But it's hard to accept what we have. She has straight hair but she wants curly. She has big boobs, but she wants small. She has sexy curvy hips, but she hates them. We're never satisfied. 

Considering I spend most of my day running around like a crazy lady, I don't want to feel super grimy. A bit of bronzer + mascara and you're good to go. If I'm exhausted and need to look semi-awake, I'll wear eyeshadow. But it's taken me many years of layer caking (yep, I wore hectic blue eye shadow to to my year 12 formal. Pass the spew bucket please) to finally accept that my mug doesn't always need to be covered in crap. 

Today Shan Dog went surfing for a little work do, she came back to the office with zilch make-up on and looked like a babe. Truly inspiring. I'm sure many women would be hesitant to bear their naked mugs. What's your make-up policy?

I Don't Really Know if...

punching the air while you power-walk helps your fitness? But it sure does help you look like a dick head.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yippie, I'm on a Train!

So I'm going against my no solo shots with photo booth rule, and selling out. But all in the name of the game! 

AB for Channel who? Well, my fingers tell the rest of the story and I'm sure you're bright enough to connect the dots, dear reader. Exciting news! I've gotten to the next level (train) and am competing for the Hawaii trip. But competition is fierce, so I'm stepping it up a notch... Eyes peeled, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. If you haven't voted yet, or you have but your cousin, nan or pet axolotel want to just follow these easy instructions: 

1. Go to the Channel V facebook page: www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
2. Go to the B430 Tab
3. Click “Like”
4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
6. In the search tab type “Bella” (I’m the girl doing star jumps underneath the Eiffel Tower)
7. Hit “Vote for me”
8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that! Enjoy this candy* as a token of my appreciation. 

Axle says vote now!
* candy may not actually exist. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Best Friend in the Bed

I am head over heels in love with this Peter Alexander nighty, so much so that I put my name down at the shop and they called me when it was fresh in store. I usually sleep in old trackies and tees, but now even bed time can be stylish thanks to Peter. It feels too pretty to wear, like it's going to waste and only my bed gets to see it. Do you think I could get away with wearing it out? Dress it up with some heels and you'll be none the wiser. 

Weekend Highlights

  • First watermelon of the season.
  • Lazy Sunday by the pool at Inga's.
  • More fab ideas from Gargoyle Designs
  • Shan Dog getting super crafty with bread and t-sauce. 
  • Crying with laughter while making our silly video.
  • Styling Tomer for their Gossip Girl party (see picture). That kid is so well mannered, he let Shan and I dress him up and was too polite to say no. Apparently he took it all off as soon as he got to the party. Bless.
  • Designing Ju Ju a mad tattoo. Yes, that is a couch potato tweaking his nipple. (see below).

    Tomer channeling his inner Chuck Bass. 

    Behind the Scenes...

    Is that tomato sauce on bread I hear you say? You're spot on! It is! Thanks to Shan Dog and my brother's friends Willis and Tomer for helping me make my vid. Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of our high-tech, multi million dollar production. Shan Dog should seriously quit her day job and take up tomato sauce calligraphy! How bad do I want this? So bad that I'm willing to promote myself through the medium of food!

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    VIDEO: AB For Channel V!

    Fuck It, Let's Go All Out!

    On Wednesday morning I got a very pleasant phone call from a little company called Channel V. They asked me if I was free for an interview that afternoon. FUCK YES, I mean, why but of course, was along the lines of my response. The rest of the day I was a nervous wreck. Many thanks to Shannon and Tiff for doing mock interviews with me at lunch. 

    Finally the phone rang again at 4pm. I dashed into a private meeting room at work and answered their questions. They said they'd be in touch on Friday. For the rest of the week I was crossing my whole body in hope of getting a trip to the South of France or Miami. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. BUT the beauty of this comp is, there are 6 more trips up for grabs so they said to keep campaigning and I can still win. The hard part? I need to get more votes to progress to the next level. In a nutshell, there are 5 levels which are reflective of your votes (hitchhiker, bus, train, limo, private jet) Once you get to that level it's judged on creative merit, not votes. So, the trips for the bus level have been given away. I need to get to 'train' (or even better!) and I could potentially get a trip to Hawaii and be one of the Channel V blog jockeys. 

    When it comes to once in a lifetime opportunities, you may as well go all out. My shame is non-existent. Coming so close has made me want it even more. So here at Lowbrow Hoo-Ha we're in full blown campaign mode. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of fun videos and posts, I am going to get all up in Channel V's grill! Want to know how to help a sister out? Follow these instructions on voting -

    1. Go to the Channel V facebook page: www.facebook.com/vmusic.com.au
    2. Go to the B430 Tab
    3. Click “Like”
    4. A page will pop up that will request your permission to access the global animal application, click “allow”
    5. Scroll down the page to “vote for my friends” and again, hit “allow”
    6. In the search tab type “Bella” (I’m the girl doing star jumps underneath the Eiffel Tower)
    7. Hit “Vote for me”
    8. Enter a few of your details and I’m now one step closer to achieving my dream! Thanks for that! Enjoy this candy* as a token of my appreciation. 

    Thanks again to my nifty designer, Ingrid Kool-Clarke of Gargoyle Designs, for making these oh-so-fab flyers, we had so much fun designing them up (see below pic). Watch out Sydney CBD I'm coming to get you! And muchos grazias to Shan Dog for your endless help. 

    * Candy may not actually exist. 

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Harry Who?

    Please Forgive Me, I Don't Speak Bag

    A quick gaze around my room and we've got a hideous fake Prada bag I bought off the street in Rome and never used, a cute Topshop satchel from my broseph, a gorgeous ('el cheapo nonetheless) falling apart bag from Thailand and the only designer thing I have to my name - a fun tie dye tote by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs (creative line huh!) from Shan Dog.

    I've never had a bag fetish. Or a shoe fetish (but that's mainly because none fit me!) Speaking handbag just doesn't turn me on. Speaking chip flavours, now there's a guaranteed way to get me aroused. 

    But, I'm about to eat my words. I was recently given a very generous amount of DJ's vouchers for helping out at a work event and I think it's time I crossed over to the dark side. Before you say "BIG FAT HYPOCRITE", I do believe in rewarding yourself. Just not every week. And then maxing out your credit card. If your money is where your mouth is and you can afford it (or, you have lovely free vouchers!) go for it! I feel like there are certain things you need to earn, so it is without any guilt that I am going to get my FIRST ever, semi-decent, non-lipstick stained or broken, handbag. And I will wear him everyday, till he falls apart. It's my first 'grown up girl' asset. 

    Do you reward yourself at the end of the year with a little "me" present? Do you have certain treats that you work towards? Do you speak fluent bag?

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Today, I Had a Facelift...

    Well, not me personally. But I gave my blog one. He turns one at the end of the month, and I thought what better way to celebrate my baby's 1st birthday than with a bit of cosmetic surgery. The sleek new look is courtesy of my super talented friend, Ingrid Kool-Clarke (of Gargoyle Designs). 

    It's a feast for your eyes and I hope you like it. There's still a few minor tweaks going on behind the scenes, so please bear with us as we get through the final stages of renovations but I can officially say, LOWBROW HOO-HA HAS BEEN RE-LAUNCHED! 

    Who's that hot cover girl you may have noticed? (see "My Life Remixed" pic) Well I like to keep it in the family. That babe is the Miss Greta Kool-Clarke, Inga's sister and muse. Only Gretchen could make a lady-beard look hot. 

    And for anyone wondering what my first few blogs ever were, feel free to take a trip down memory lane here. I would love to know what you think of the new layout? Spew or do? Feedback most welcome!

    Happy birthday Lowbrow Hoo-Ha, hope you like your new face. Love Mummy xx

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Have You Ever Had a Crush on a Cartoon Character?

    Today's post is inspired from Tom and Alex's chat to actor, John Morris, the voice of Andy in Toy Story 3. Triple J's Tom admitted he found the animated character of Andy a hotty and Alex thought that was kind of creepy.  

    I have to disagree with you on this one Alex. I had the biggest crush on Eric from The Little Mermaid. Oh, how I wished I could have been his Little Mermaid! He was such a dream boat. I also thought Wheeler (aka Fire) from Captain Planet was pretty damn fine. My thing for red heads started at an early age. Who's your cartoon crush? Or am I a weirdo? Is it better to worry about real, 3D humans, or can cartoons be cute? 

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Way To Make My Day BJ!

    Who doesn't love getting old fashion NON-ELECTRONIC MAIL! Tonight I came home to a gorgeous, brown envelope. Who was the lovely letter from? The one, the only, Gisele Bundchen aka Brad Joseph. It read - 

    "Dear chosen few, congratulations you have been selected as part of Australia's finest wine tour. This year's event will be held at the spectacular back drop of Orange's Central West (home to Dubbo's MYER's Fashions on the Field WINNER 2010)."

    Damn that boy makes me laugh. The letter had a full itinerary of our weekend, info on all the wineries we'll be visiting and a map of Orange. What a cutie! I can only imagine how fun it will be when we are reunited to farewell BJ in style. The celebrity guest is yet to be announced, but I know it will be someone super rad from the industry. Probably one of his BFFs like Naomi, Bambi or even Miranda and her bump!   

    Gisele wins the MYER Fashion on the Fields. No big deal. Just another day in the life of an international runway model. He probably shouldn't have been allowed to enter. Way too qualified. 

    Over the Burbs

    I've been a North Shore girl my whole life and before you stereotype me as a "North Shore princess", don't even think about it. Far from it. My brother and I shared a crappy, but sentimental car that habitually fell apart or broke down, my parents vote Labor and you'd never catch my mum playing tennis 'with the girls' on a weekday. She'd be smashing it in the office instead! It's just a place we live, not who we are. Yes, Trude and Prude do exist around here, but I'm a mega bitch to them. 

    And while the NS will always hold a special place in my heart, I am ready to spread my wings. The 'burbs are a great place to be a kid, or raise a family. But when you're in your early twenties, you're ready for something more. Give me something gritty. Something chaotic. Somewhere I can stumble home on a Saturday night and not have to pay a fifty buck cab! A place that has a million cafes to choose from for your hung over Sunday breakfast, right at your door step. Inner West. Balmain, Glebe, Annandale, Leichhardt, Stanmore. Or my dream would be able to walk to work in the morning. Hello Paddo, Sluzza Hills and the like. 

    The only problem is, the cost of living is a bitch and until I earn a bit more skrilla this dream will just have to stay in the pipeline. Which is more than fine with me, because I live with a pretty tops dad. But I am envious of all those independent peeps out there on the same salary as me and live out of home, I don't know how they do it. When I do finally move out, I'll be living off Mi Goreng and Baked Beans because that's as far as my culinary skills extend. Yummo!

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Weekend Highlights

    • JP's pickleback shots on Friday night at the Flinders pub. Quite possibly the most lethal thing I've ever tasted. Step one, skull half a cup of whiskey. Step two, skull the pickle brine. Step three, eat said pickle. Or accidentally throw it over your shoulder like I did. Whoops. 
    • Inga knocking over a vase full of diamantes, that were placed right next to the door for some reason and coining the new and improved "diamantes are a gal's best friend."
    • Annoying Ju Ju with our chav-tastic accents.  
    • First beach session of the season. 
    • Vanilla milkshakes at Balmoral. 
    • Post-beach curls. 

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