Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to Hang up the Festival Booties?

In keeping with tradition, I'll be giving you guys a little run-down of the epic day that was Parklife, 2010. What better way to start than with the fashion do's and don'ts.

- Do cover up Southern Cross tattoos.
- Do bring a collection of sunglasses to mix and match through out the day (thanks Inga!)
- Do find a flanny on the ground and donate it to your shirtless friend. Who knew floordrobe shirts could be so smoking.
- Do wear Globes /Etnies if you want to ruin your outfit.
- Do bring an octopus beanie, not only will it keep your head warm but will provide great LOLs when the stray beanie hairs get stuck in Justin's real beard (thanks again Inga!)

- Army print anything is a big no-no.
- Don't wear minuscule short shorts, leaving little to the imagination. The camel toe count was off the richter, come on ladies.
- When it's torrential rain, shirts should stay on. Unless your name is Brad Joseph.
- Don't wear Sass and Bide. It's blatantly obvious what brand it is and is way too expensive to be trashed.
- Don't bring tacky Guess bags in leopard print with a heinous fur trim.

Meeting up with people at a festival can be a logistical nightmare. Reception dies. There are thousands of people. You just have to leave it up to the Fate Gods and hope your paths cross. Luckily they shone down on us and Inga and I bumped into our Euro BFF - Brad Joseph, aka Gisele Bundchen in male form, aka the funnest person in the world. We met in Mykonos and it was love at first split leap for Brad and I. It's fair to say that Brad is my party soul-mate and hanging out with him was definitely the cherry on top of an amazing day. And who wouldn't want party with an international run-way model?

Missy Elliot was terrible. She would get into a song and then suddenly stop. It was a big fat tease, you let me down Missy but that's ok because I never liked you anyway. I never knew how amazing Soul Wax were, but I'm definitely a fan after seeing them live. The highlight of the day, without a doubt were Bag Raiders. Their new stuff is gold, they easily could have been one hit wonders with Shooting Stars, but have proved everyone wrong.

I literally have a sore tummy from laughing so much. Parklife has left me very happy-go-lucky (we had an extremely serious conversation about this saying, and all agreed that no one says it enough so we're bringing it back). Although, I definitely think it's best to finish on a high note and perhaps it's time to hang up my festival booties? I don't want to be one of those seedy adults who is still going to festivals when they're 30. I could be eating my words though, there's always Splendour.Or even Glastonbury or Coachella. Maybe it's just time to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Ps. Justin - where were you? I was waiting for you at Centre Point Tower!

Gisele and I limber up for our split leaps.


  1. hehe guess bags rape my eyes

  2. haha... you are a genius & born entertainer... x

  3. Fuck i love this one! It's just so happy go lucky! Ha Ha Ha!! xx
    - Ingrid


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