Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Phobias

Are there certain things that make you nervous? Maybe it's public speaking? Or making small talk. My top 3 social phobias are -

1. Phone calls with potential suitors: I would rather good text from a guy than have a phone convo with him. I am a complete over analyser and worry about awkward silences and cutting into each other when we both start speaking. It's a stupid fear that I'm working on.

2. Dinner Dates: It's nothing to do with body image, self-esteem or eating. I went to Roseville, and as the old, done to death adage goes, "Roseville Girls love their food" (this joke always made me cringe, don't most people love their food? It's not just exclusive to our school.) It's because eating is such a high risk activity. So much can go wrong and there are so many awkward manoeuvres. Food can get stuck in teeth, or spill on clothes and you can't help but feel constantly surveyed. It's like a job interview on how well mannered you are. There are certain dinner date foods that you just shouldn't bother with. Sushi, burritos and anything that requires a bib are big red flags. Play it safe with pizza and pasta (penne is preferable, less splash back and fiddling around as opposed to spaghetti tendrils. You can pierce it in one swift jab.)

3. Greetings hello/ goodbye: I seriously get so stressed out about saying hello / goodbye to people (obviously bar people I know extremely well) but for newbies, God you can get into some embarrassing situations. There's always the big dilemma - kiss on the cheek? Hug? Both? Shake hands? And then you can get caught in that awful kiss/ hug limbo. I've seen some shockers - dude goes in for the hug, chick goes in for the kiss. Cue the awkward little shimmy back and for and the nervous giggles. Ugh... Why can't we have an international rule - for all new acquaintances a simple kiss on the cheek will suffice.

What things make you jittery? Or am I just a big, fat weirdo?

The infamous awkward hug


  1. i rarely hug and i never kiss on the cheek. it's just too awkward. in my experiences I have found this to be quite a successful strategy as I am the one who has my mind firmly made up, and it is instead the other person who may end up embarassed.

  2. You're not a weirdo! I hate introducing family and friends to your (as you would say) "potential suitor". Scary.

  3. I think I've semi-adpoted your strategy Natski, unless it's with BFFs.

  4. This is a great post!


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