Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Indie Check List

You know you're Indie* when:
  • You do the top button up of your flanny shirt.
  • You ride a fixie bike.
  • You live in Newtown.
  • You read Penguin Classic books.
  • You have a vast collection of old school band t-shirts (remember what Indie used to be all about? Music!)
  • You sport a mohawk, under cut, pony tail or some other trendy do.
  • You are an aspiring artist of some description, or work in new media.
  • You wear black rimmed glasses (regardless of the fact you don't even have a prescription).
  • You have more skinny leg jeans than your girlfriend.
  • You have more cardigans than your Nan.
  • You only attend festivals like Laneway, Splendour or Falls, and even they are still too mainstream. Intimate gigs are more preferable. Underground synth music is also a fave. 
  • You know things are cool weeks before they become popular.
  • Words like dope, rad, killer and dude punctuate your sentences.
  • You have an SLR camera and dabble in photography. 
  • And the final way to complete the ruse? Maybe actually have some music knowledge. Or look like you do. Reading street press mags like The Brag, Drum Media or spending a bit of skrilla on Rolling Stone should do the job.
* Anyone can fake being Indie, the true species are so cool, they don't even know it.

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