Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Check Out Girls All the Time....

I realised my penchant for lady-gazing the other day, when I almost pulled my neck from quickly turning to check out a very stylish woman. I'm not looking at them because I fancy them. Well I do to some degree - I fancy what they're wearing. I'm blown-away by their fashion, their style, their swagger.

It's a secret language for us women, we dress to impress each other. Sorry to burst your bubble boys, but most of the time I compile a crazy, tricky outfit it's not for the opposite sex. Women communicate and entertain one another through fashion. I love being wow-ed by my friend's or colleague's cool outfits and I love trying to wow them right back (granted, when I can be bothered).

So thank you ladies for providing me with endless entertainment and inspiration. I really mean it. Here's hoping I don't get whiplash.
SJP certainly wasn't dressing for the fellas in this little number.

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