Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and that Donna Karan

To quote the Black Eyed Peas (above), it seems having shit, makes some people feel The Shit. I'm all for the sneaky indulgence every now and then. Work hard, play hard - you have to reward yourself. Hell, my friends (Ju Ju and Braz) even came up with a brilliant saying that Monday to Friday is career focused, and when the weekend comes around we live semi-hedonistic lives (it can't be fully blown hedonism because we care too much about our future).

What I don't understand, are the silly twats prancing about with all their bling-bling. Like yo, check out my *insert fancy pants brand* bag/ wallet/ watch/ shoes etc. Bravo if you can genuinely afford these luxury items. But I am actually embarrassed for people who are thousands of dollars in debt on the 'fantastic-plastic' purely so they can have materialistic things. That Louis Vuitton bag isn't going to help you pay off your maxed out credit card but that Gucci trench will keep you warm at night when you're sleeping outside, with no roof over your head. Having a designer handbag, that equals three weeks of your salary, that you bought on your credit card, is nothing to be proud of.

Australia leads the world in personal debt and it's not going to change when so many twenty-somethings rely on their credit cards and spend without thinking. The thought of my HECS debt is enough to freak me out and I just couldn't spend money that doesn't actually exist, and then some. Yes, that cheeky guy called interest can make the most simple of credit card purchases extremely expensive.

Yes I do have a credit card, which I got purely for travelling and online purchases. But my motto has always been to pay it back immediately. Yes, I've been naughty and taken him shopping a few times but have felt so unbelievably guilty that he now is stashed in my drawers for important purchases only.

I would much rather spend my money on experiences. In fact, the majority of my income has gone towards travelling. Maybe I don't have impressive bling-bling, but I sure do have impressive memories and am a happier person because of it.

These days, the bank hands credit cards out like candy. Do you have one? And if so, what's your relationship like with it? Love/hate? Do you use it for practical purposes only? Does the thought of debt stress you out or do you spend without thinking?

This is Preachy McGee, singing off.

Money can't buy taste, and neither can credit cards.


  1. This is a bloody brilliant blog! Well said Miss Bella, I don't get how people treat their credit cards like a bottomless pit of money!

  2. amazing. love it bells. espesh after that convo the other day. that said....a lil bit of bali and new york phone bill is sitting on the cc

  3. I think a c.c is handy as long as you have self control and use it sensibly!


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