Saturday, October 30, 2010


Phone rings..
ME: Madison, Bella speaking.
MAYA: Hi Bella speaking, it's actually Maya Sebastian speaking.
ME: Hahaha, what the hell?
MAYA: I still don't have your mobile number but I got your work number from your business card. I'm busking at Town Hall today, want to have lunch?
ME: You're hilarious! I'd love to. Meet outside my work at 12.30?
MAYA: Hmm I'm not sure where that is. Actually, it says right here on your card! See you soon.

I meet her downstairs in the lobby, and there she is. Her perfect quirky self, carrying a massive trombone on her back, that's pretty much bigger than her and looks like a body bag. We head to lunch and talk about blogging, busking, writing and her recent travels to Canada. There we are, two little bloggers, sipping happily on their laksas. The convo then turns to my work.

MAYA: What's it like? It looks like the Devil Wears Prada.
ME: It's really not, it's honestly just like a normal office but with very good fashion sense. Do you want me to take you for a little tour?
MAYA: Yes please!
ME: Cool, if anyone asks, just say you're here for a photo shoot with your trombone.

We excitedly hurry back to Park St, I check her in as my guest and take her for a quick tour. I take her to Cleo, to meet Shan Dog and then a quick loop de loop through all the other mags. In high school, Maya once smuggled her best friend in for the day, in the guise as an exchange student. And then, Maya went to her best friend's school, as a German exchange student, even though she didn't speak a word of German. I can't remember exactly, but one of them got caught. Luckily when I brought Maya in, trombone and all, we didn't get in trouble.

MAYA: I'll have to bring you to my office next time, you can watch me busk. You have to be careful of all the hobos though.
ME: Just say you work in an open plan office. It's unconventional and ever changing because you're a performance artist.

If you'd like to take Maya to work, she can be contacted through her blog here.
Sorry Maya I couldn't find a picture of you playing the trombone, hope the sax is ok. 


  1. Bah, love it! Who wouldn't believe I was there for a trombone photo shoot?

  2. You have your own business cards? Where are mine?

  3. No idea why I got them? Considering I don't have any clients I just hand them out to friends and my Grandma.


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