Saturday, October 16, 2010

And Suddenly I'm an Old Lady...

I'm not quite sure when I went from being a 22 year old, to an 82 year old, but suddenly my behaviour is similar to that of an old lady.

Week night bed times are strictly 9.30pm, I need a solid 8 hours + to be able to function. I refuse to do mid-week activities not because I'm anti-social, but because I'll be a zombie at work the next day. When the weekend rolls around, my idea of fun is a hot date with my couch, in my comfiest pyjamas, watching crappy TV. One activity per weekend is preferable (more favoured on Friday night, as having a big one on Saturday means you waste all of Sunday being hung over, and bang! Before you know it, it's Monday again) and the genuine highlight of my week is my sleep in.

I blame full-time work. Oh, and maybe it's something to do with not doing any much exercise. Anyone know a of a good way to get more energy that doesn't in involve exercise or drugs? Yeah... didn't think so... Here's to many more dates with Mr Couch.

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