Tuesday, October 26, 2010

77 on a Saturday

Hope you enjoy this retro read, I found this piece among some old uni work.

The entrance could be missed if it wasn't for the guy in the leopard print leotard and thigh high leather boots proudly holding the guest list, as if it was some sort of expensive accessory.

Don't come wearing your preppiest shirt or your shiniest shoes, you won't be let in. I love the fact the door bitches turn people away who are dressed too smartly. It's the opposite of all those wanky, pretentious Sydney clubs. Collared shirts die, costumes, freaks and cross-dressing thrives. The more outrageous the better. As you walk down the stairs the smell of stale beer hits you. Muted projections of Absolutely Fabulous are projected onto the walls. it's a dark dingy basement on  steroids.

Welcome to Club 77 on William Street. Where every Saturday night you can dance with bearded men in sparkly, figure hugging dresses, listen to Kylie Minogue one minute then Bag Raiders the next. Where the star DJ Hookie lives up to his nickname - with metal hooks for hands as a result from a serious battle with Meningococcal. Yes, I know what you're thinking. How can a dude with hooks as hands be a good DJ? He is not deterred by this, rather embraces it wholeheartedly and is one of the best DJs in Sydney.

As the rest of the city falls asleep on Sunday morning you can be sure that 77 will still be wide awake and sporting the most impressive hang over.

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