Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Treat for your Ears

Trends Twenty-Ten, Spew or Do?

Cargo pants: The last time I wore cargo pants, I was in year 6 and had a terrible Posh Spice haircut. To my own credit, I was totally ahead of the times with the POB, the only problem was it made me look like a rodent. But cargo pants have been reborn from the 90's. No longer are they baggy and daggy. I've been fantasising about the J Brand cargos Justine Cullen mentions in her Ed's Letter, in this month's Shop Till You Drop. The fact they're $329 is a minute detail.

Side plat: A certain, gorgeous Dutch friend of mine has been rocking the messy, side plat lately. If you have the thick locks to get a chunky plat going - DO IT!

Maxi skirt: I've yet to purchase a maxi skirt in fear of it making me feel frumpy. I know I'll get there, I think I just have the find the right one. Maybe one with vertical stripes to create the illusion of height?

Lace: My lace fetish is at an all time high, come and join my doily club! I think lace is so fem and cute.

Wide leg pants: Not to be mistaken for the hideous elephant trunk. High-waisted, wide leg pants are super stylish. I have a great pair of grey, wideys from Zar Zar.

Nudes hues: Nude is the new black, apparently. But don't over do it, you don't want to wash yourself out.

Tie-dye bags: LOVE. Shan bought me back a Marc Jacobs one from NYC, he's so pretty I'm too scared to even use him in fear of spilling food on him. He's the coolest thing I own, he's pastel colours and reminds me of a rainbow paddle pop.

Strappy elastic flats: These are popping up in shoe shops everywhere and are so comfy. I got myself a pair of hot pink ones from Zara kids and am going to live in them this summer.

Cropped tops: It's time to clean out your belly button lint ladies, because cropped tops are back! For the ultimate combo, pair a LACE cropped top with anything high waisted.

Summer playsuits: Any kind of clothing that pays homage to the childhood years, is a winner with me! I'm yet to find The One, but have been keeping a keen eye out for a fun playsuit I can frolick about at festivals in.

2011 is going to be a good year...

How do I already know this? Because I'll be with Frankie everyday!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Frankie Magazine, it's a bi-monthly publication that's quickly becoming one of the most popular mags on the market. Frankie is unique in that its cover girl is always an unknown, quirky face, instead of your stock, standard air-brushed Hollywood celeb. The intelligent writing will make you laugh, cry and rethink your values all in the one issue. It features some of Australia's finest writers including Marieke Hardy, Benjamin Law and Justin Hazelwood.

Frankie is always one step ahead of the cultural zeitgeist. She has her finger firmly placed on the pop culture pulse, and will be telling you what's cool in fashion, music and art way before anyone else. But Frankie is not just a trend-following-floozy, she also has a strong social conscience and sheds light on important issues like Australia's fear of boat people, politics, racism and mental illness. But not in the cliche way you'd think. When tackling the subject of depression, Frankie's own editor, Jo Walker, wrote of her personal battle with the disease called "say hello to my little friend. Why depression is the suckiest acquaintance of all time". It was an honest, raw yet funny piece and I don't think I've ever read such real writing.

From cover to cover, Frankie is a work of art. It's gorgeous, crisp layout will have graphic designers weak at the knees. Every issue also has a pull out calender for the next two months. It's a gift that keeps giving, because once you're done with the calender you flip it over and lo and behold there's a cool poster to hang on your wall!

So that's why I've pre-ordered my 2011 Frankie diary, because if Frankie can make me this happy every second month (I seriously yelp when I see it in my letterbox) imagine how good it will be to spend everyday together!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Dangers of being a Fashion Victim

  • Please note, Shan was drinking when I emailed her. She doesn't just spit every time she laughs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

JB Does it Again

I'm going to take this kid on the road and be a crazy stage sister. Also, if you can't quite read it, Dad is holding a Mega Awesome Briefcase 3000.


For the best (no-sexual) massages in town, see below. I'm not kidding, they are amazing. And their flyer is pretty funny too. Half the reason I have become a dedicated customer is because of their flyer. See, advertising does work, especially if you can make people laugh!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I seriously can't get enough of pantaloons right now. Being a short limbed lass, it's quite a risk to wear slacks, but man it's awesome. As long as you wear heels to elongate your stumps you're fine - I thoroughly recommend it. When I like something, I tend to stock up on it. My pant count at present stands at 5.

My absolute favourite pair are from Topshop, they are a silky khaki colour and a bit like harem pants, with less of a poo catcher crotch. I wish I bought a million pairs of them, because I live in these bad boys. American Apparel also do a mean high-waistey number, perfect for work and play.

But be warned, sometimes you can get carried away with the power that pants give you. There's something so fun about walking around with your hands in your pockets.
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