Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take Yourself on Dates

With the recent departure of my number 1 lunch buddy, who is on a two week adventure to the Big Apple, I'm now flying solo. Even though I'm missing Shan Dog terribly, I've embraced my new, single status and have started to take myself on fun little, lunch dates.

Today, I took a table for one at our usual soup place in the Galeries Victoria. I thought it would be weird dining alone, but it was actually quite liberating. I brought a mag so I could keep busy, but I didn't end up reading it.

Then after work, I really treated myself and got a Thai "no sexual" massage (their words on the pamphlet, not mine! Photographic evidence to come soon!) It's the best forty five bucks you can spend.

When we were travelling, we all agreed it was nice to occasionally break off from the group and do your own thing. Take yourself to a museum or hop on a train to a new city. As much as we love each other, sometimes you just need me time. And sometimes, your own company can be the best.

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