Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got Tickets on Yourself Much?

Pet Hate #567 (more unsolicited ranting):

Apart from people who write status updates about how incredibly wasted they were last night, or "fuck my life" status updates (surely your life can't be that bad?), or people who hijack friend's accounts and write
posts, or end sentences with 'much'? ie. jealous much? There is, in fact, something even more cringe.

People who have profile pictures of celebs they
wish think they look like. You could maybe get away with it during Doppelgänger week granted, it was still quite wanky.

A friend and I were looking at profile pictures of her ex-boyfriend recently and they were all of Brad Pitt. No wonder she dumped him, what an arrogant fucker. Then there is the dude who continually references his similarities to Justin Bieber via his status updates (poor guy actually does look like The Bieb).

So who would I have as my celeb profile picture you ask? Well that's a
no brainer.

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