Monday, August 23, 2010


Max is like James' shadow. If he's not snoozing in his various hidey holes he's created around the house, he'll be snuggling on James' lap. We've been cat sitting Max, while my very brave mama gets better, and it's been so nice to have an animal in the house.

My dad has always said he likes animals, as long as they're not his which I completely understand. But it hasn't stopped me from begging over the years for that ginger lop eared rabbit or that poor pony with three legs. So dad eventually caved and got us a pet. A gorgeous Jack Russel that stands guard, faithfully by our door. He also doubles as a great door stop and statue.

But even Max has won over dad. The funniest thing is how James talks to Max like he's Skippy or something. 'Come on boy!' They are very cute together.

1 comment:

  1. Miss the boy and the cat. Raaaaeylean


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