Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gravitational Pull

I have a problem. I am obsessed with any piece of clothing that is:

a) White

b) Lace

c) Crochet

d) All of the above

The number of white crochet tops I own at present: 4
The number of white lace dresses I own at present: 2
The number of little white dresses I own at present: 2 (take that LBD)

Today Shan Dog and I were perusing the shops, I gravitated towards yet another white lace piece. She pointed out that it was merely a variation of the 4 other tops I have. She then bought a high waisted, navy skirt.

Touche I said, add that to your navy mountain and kiss my crocheted arse.

We both buy the same things, repackaged. Her vice is anything beige, nautical or navy. I'm also a sucker for grey and aqua. But at least we don't have a penchant for velour tracksuits. What's your obsession?


  1. I love crocheted stuff, its so naughty with all its holes.

  2. Haha the velvet belvederes. One of my essentials in the wardrobe. Pwa Pwa (Ingrid)


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