Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Brennan Stack Hat

When I was young, I felt like the biggest dickhead having to wear this. Why couldn't I have a sleek, inconspicuous helmet like the other kids? Why did I have to be an egg head? What I didn't realise, that although it was an eye sore, it was probably the safest thing you could make your child wear.

This old faithful, pink, stack hat was used on all four of us. Passed down from one unfortunate child, to the next. Starting with my sister. It has her name and our old phone number scrawled across it.

I found it the other week when we were doing a clean out and refused to toss it, along with my Spice World video and other precious childhood books. I'm sorry, but The Hungry Green Caterpillar and Each Peach Pear Plum are timeless and full of important life lessons!

It's funny how times change. Daggy things from yesteryear suddenly become 'retro-chic', 'vintage' and cool. This once resented helmet, is now part of my bedroom furniture. A little reminder of that egg-headed kid, who loved to roller blade.


  1. Spare a thought for our family of four kids, all sharing a pumpkin coloured stack hat. At least yours was a cute colour!

  2. This is a lovely, nostalgic piece Miss Brennan.

  3. I have an orange one sitting in the garage somewhere too. Also passed down from an older sibling.


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