Sunday, August 22, 2010

90 Years Young

If you're ever so lucky to celebrate a grandparent's 90th birthday, make sure you spoil them rotten. My Nanny hit the big nine-oh this week, what an amazing milestone! She is as sharp as a tack and as stylish as ever. If I am anything like her in my twilight years, I'll be stoked.

Edwina picked the most beautiful poesy from dad's garden, to accompany the Chanel make-up and leather handbag we gave her. Nanny was blown away. She explored every nook and cranny of her new bag. "This will keep me entertained for weeks," she quipped. "Make sure you use the bag and make-up everyday Nanny! They are not for special occasions! Use them all the time please!" We instructed.

A product of the Depression, Nanny treasures everything like it's pure gold - something younger generations should learn to do. Tea bags are used at least twice. She takes years to get through a bottle of perfume. Wrapping paper and ribbons are packed away and re-gifted, or simply kept because 'they are just too pretty to throw out!' Nanny was as equally chuffed with the black Chanel ribbon that came with the present, as she was with the lippy, blush and eyeshadow! Her house looked like a florist and was filled with other generous gifts from friends and family. But I think Nanny's favourite gift is the fact she gets to see the next generation of kids. Whenever she talks about her four great grandchildren, she lights up, 'they are such dear little mites,' she gushes.

Nanny isn't one for a big fuss. So we sat on her veranda, sipping tea and eating cake. A simple yet decadent Sunday with the coolest 90 year old I know.

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  1. Mum is becoming prettier as she ages.Still her sense of humour is terrific, the look of contentement on her face is calming to everyone and they say you will end up with the face you deserve. How right beautiful mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother.


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