Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take Yourself on Dates

With the recent departure of my number 1 lunch buddy, who is on a two week adventure to the Big Apple, I'm now flying solo. Even though I'm missing Shan Dog terribly, I've embraced my new, single status and have started to take myself on fun little, lunch dates.

Today, I took a table for one at our usual soup place in the Galeries Victoria. I thought it would be weird dining alone, but it was actually quite liberating. I brought a mag so I could keep busy, but I didn't end up reading it.

Then after work, I really treated myself and got a Thai "no sexual" massage (their words on the pamphlet, not mine! Photographic evidence to come soon!) It's the best forty five bucks you can spend.

When we were travelling, we all agreed it was nice to occasionally break off from the group and do your own thing. Take yourself to a museum or hop on a train to a new city. As much as we love each other, sometimes you just need me time. And sometimes, your own company can be the best.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Max is like James' shadow. If he's not snoozing in his various hidey holes he's created around the house, he'll be snuggling on James' lap. We've been cat sitting Max, while my very brave mama gets better, and it's been so nice to have an animal in the house.

My dad has always said he likes animals, as long as they're not his which I completely understand. But it hasn't stopped me from begging over the years for that ginger lop eared rabbit or that poor pony with three legs. So dad eventually caved and got us a pet. A gorgeous Jack Russel that stands guard, faithfully by our door. He also doubles as a great door stop and statue.

But even Max has won over dad. The funniest thing is how James talks to Max like he's Skippy or something. 'Come on boy!' They are very cute together.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Brennan Stack Hat

When I was young, I felt like the biggest dickhead having to wear this. Why couldn't I have a sleek, inconspicuous helmet like the other kids? Why did I have to be an egg head? What I didn't realise, that although it was an eye sore, it was probably the safest thing you could make your child wear.

This old faithful, pink, stack hat was used on all four of us. Passed down from one unfortunate child, to the next. Starting with my sister. It has her name and our old phone number scrawled across it.

I found it the other week when we were doing a clean out and refused to toss it, along with my Spice World video and other precious childhood books. I'm sorry, but The Hungry Green Caterpillar and Each Peach Pear Plum are timeless and full of important life lessons!

It's funny how times change. Daggy things from yesteryear suddenly become 'retro-chic', 'vintage' and cool. This once resented helmet, is now part of my bedroom furniture. A little reminder of that egg-headed kid, who loved to roller blade.

90 Years Young

If you're ever so lucky to celebrate a grandparent's 90th birthday, make sure you spoil them rotten. My Nanny hit the big nine-oh this week, what an amazing milestone! She is as sharp as a tack and as stylish as ever. If I am anything like her in my twilight years, I'll be stoked.

Edwina picked the most beautiful poesy from dad's garden, to accompany the Chanel make-up and leather handbag we gave her. Nanny was blown away. She explored every nook and cranny of her new bag. "This will keep me entertained for weeks," she quipped. "Make sure you use the bag and make-up everyday Nanny! They are not for special occasions! Use them all the time please!" We instructed.

A product of the Depression, Nanny treasures everything like it's pure gold - something younger generations should learn to do. Tea bags are used at least twice. She takes years to get through a bottle of perfume. Wrapping paper and ribbons are packed away and re-gifted, or simply kept because 'they are just too pretty to throw out!' Nanny was as equally chuffed with the black Chanel ribbon that came with the present, as she was with the lippy, blush and eyeshadow! Her house looked like a florist and was filled with other generous gifts from friends and family. But I think Nanny's favourite gift is the fact she gets to see the next generation of kids. Whenever she talks about her four great grandchildren, she lights up, 'they are such dear little mites,' she gushes.

Nanny isn't one for a big fuss. So we sat on her veranda, sipping tea and eating cake. A simple yet decadent Sunday with the coolest 90 year old I know.

Love Letters in MX, does it count as romance?

One of our favourite activities on the train ride home is reading the 'Here's Looking at You' section in MX. Some are really cute and romantic. Others are just hilarious. Like the this one in Friday's edition -

"To the thin, blonde girl at Glenbrook station most mornings, you are the prettiest girl I've ever seen... I'm the guy smiling at you. Want to go raving?"

I'm sure a lot of them are piss takes, but for the people really putting themselves out there it's quite scary. Bravo to you I say. Using words to woo is sexy, even if MX is your medium. Maybe you could up the anti and actually write them out on a piece of paper, like a proper love letter, and slip it in the bag of your train-girl-crush! Now that's romantic.

Then I'm sure she would join you in your rave cave.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail Biting Politits*

I'm not the biggest political fiend. Here I am on election night blogging about capes. Whoo! But my friend Rob's Facebook status sums up how I, and many other people feel -

'Rob Callaghan will be genuinely disappointed in Australia if Tony Abbott wins.'

If you're not convinced Abbott is nuts please watch this brilliant ad by the independent political movement GetUp. It's the the best piece of advertising I've seen this election.

*Not a typo. Want to learn more about Politits? Click here.

Spotted: Man Cape on Crown

The change of season is definitely in the air, as Spring pokes its flowery head out, so do the new trends. One look I hope you won't be embracing this Spring, is the man cape, or as I like to call it - the mape. I don't care how alternative and trendy you think you are, no one can pull off the mape.

It's not a joke people, there is a mape movement sweeping the nation. Last Sunday I joked that my friend Daniel should turn his scarf into a cape to keep warm. We spent breakfast giggling as he worked his scarf-turned-man-cape like a pretentious model. That same evening my biggest fear was confirmed, mapes were apparently in fashion.

ME: In today's paper in the "going up / going down" section - capes are going up. You are so on trend Braz.
DANIEL: I don't think Killara was ready for such a radical trend shift, but as I said they are definitely making a comeback.

And then, on Wednesday I spotted my first real life man cape on Crown Street. The dude looked ridiculous. It reminded me of this classic Seinfeld moment.

So boys, will you be getting your mape on? I really hope not.

Got Tickets on Yourself Much?

Pet Hate #567 (more unsolicited ranting):

Apart from people who write status updates about how incredibly wasted they were last night, or "fuck my life" status updates (surely your life can't be that bad?), or people who hijack friend's accounts and write
posts, or end sentences with 'much'? ie. jealous much? There is, in fact, something even more cringe.

People who have profile pictures of celebs they
wish think they look like. You could maybe get away with it during Doppelgänger week granted, it was still quite wanky.

A friend and I were looking at profile pictures of her ex-boyfriend recently and they were all of Brad Pitt. No wonder she dumped him, what an arrogant fucker. Then there is the dude who continually references his similarities to Justin Bieber via his status updates (poor guy actually does look like The Bieb).

So who would I have as my celeb profile picture you ask? Well that's a
no brainer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Notes from Jim-Bob

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Night LOLZ*

My family and I were in hysterics after watching these clips. Thanks to my brother James for hooking us up with these sweet as vidz.*
* I use these terms in jest to demonstrate how cringe bad spelling and acronyms are.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slowly Learning to Jhoozh

Where I work, you are always being asked to wrap magazines in pretty bows for clients. The only problem is, I have no bow tying skills whatsoever. So I usually just out source it and get Shan Dog to tie a gorgeous bow for me.

But this week, after intensive bow tying lessons, I managed to wrap two friend's birthday presents to perfection. ALL BY MYSELF. Brown paper, red ribbon and everything. My teacher (Shollis) gave me full marks. I never thought I'd say this, but I can tie a mean arse Tiffany bow. See photographic evidence below with Penny's present.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love at First Bite

Fresh bread roll + baked chicken + onion + gravy + rocket + salt and pepper = foodgasm. This easily beats weeks of endless vegemite. Watch out Mad Mex, you've got competition.

Gravitational Pull

I have a problem. I am obsessed with any piece of clothing that is:

a) White

b) Lace

c) Crochet

d) All of the above

The number of white crochet tops I own at present: 4
The number of white lace dresses I own at present: 2
The number of little white dresses I own at present: 2 (take that LBD)

Today Shan Dog and I were perusing the shops, I gravitated towards yet another white lace piece. She pointed out that it was merely a variation of the 4 other tops I have. She then bought a high waisted, navy skirt.

Touche I said, add that to your navy mountain and kiss my crocheted arse.

We both buy the same things, repackaged. Her vice is anything beige, nautical or navy. I'm also a sucker for grey and aqua. But at least we don't have a penchant for velour tracksuits. What's your obsession?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Note to Self:

Must stop judging people by their music taste and what radio station they listen to. But if you seriously listen to 104.1, that gives me massive eww vibes.
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