Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Form Sportsgirl.

For weeks, I have been searching for The Perfect, Turbo Security Handbag for Euro. Poor Shan Dog has been dragged along on countless lunch breaks to study the mechanics of hundreds of bags.

I finally thought I'd found The One. A pretty tanned satchel, called the stitch me crazy hobo bag from old faithful Sporty-G. It wasn't too cheap and nasty, it was actually sixty bloody dollars!

I wasn't going to wear it until my trip, but I decided to take it for a test spin this weekend. Within 5 minutes of wearing it, the strap had come undone and the bag had fallen to the ground. Hmmm not so turbo after all. In fact, one would say this is the ideal bag for robbers.

Turns out I didn't inspect this bag too thoroughly, the handle is tied in a pansy knot on both connecting ends. It can barely hold the weight of my wallet without coming undone. They may as well have just stapled on the handle, it's pathetic. I tied a tight, fancy knot - but to no avail, it fell off me about 5 times that afternoon. And the zip broke! What's going on Sportsgirl, do you employ monkeys to design your bags?

I should have paid more attention to the word hobo in the title.


  1. omg i hope you brought it back bella!!!
    natski xx

  2. Yep, taking it back on my break tomozza! Ridic! xx


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