Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mummy's Girl

Want to know the best cure for stress? Bumping into your mummy twice in one day.

I've been a massive stress monkey this week. I feel like I have a million loose ends to tie up before I can hop on that plane, and time is running out. I have a to do list from here to Santorini.

While I was dashing to work this morning, who do I see across the road but my mamma! She gave me a great big bear hug and I instantly felt better. You're never too old to cuddle your mum.

And then in the afternoon, as I was crossing the street to go to the bank, who do I bump into? Yep, Mumbles. This time she took me up to he office and showed me her hood.

You can live and work in the same vacinity as heaps of people you know, yet never bump into them. Mum's worked near me for 6 weeks now and I've bumped into her about five times (that's not including our planned lunch dates in Hyde Park).

I swear mother's hugs have magic curing powers.

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