Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Just Need Some Sweet Beats

My iTunes has been sick for about 6 weeks and I haven't been able to update my iPod. All my music, which was once shiny and new, is now stale and off. I am beyond sick of every song on there and am getting quite worried as I have many hours of transit ahead of me and I love a good music + writing session to pass the time. What's a journey without a soundtrack? I need new beats for the European Bonanza a-sap!

My brother and I have spent countless weekends trying to fix bloody iTunes. We've changed computer bottoms, re-installed the program, fiddled with the settings, everything you can think of. But to no avail, not even Google can solve the mystery. It still won't connect to the iTunes store. It just refuses to work.

And before you say I should go out and buy CDs, I refuse. I am not a CD buyer. I buy songs, not albums. I am a product of the times. And I also have about $30 left on an iTunes voucher, which looks like I'll never be able to get back. Luckily Inga and Ju Ju have agreed to let me pinch some of their beats with my USB. Justin said, "Your ears will want to make love to you after you get a memory stick full of my dulcet tones," so I am quite exited to finally inject my iPod with some luuuurve!

Recently, I've been fantasising of all the things I'm going to buy when I am no longer in Extreme Savings Mode. Pretty clothes, mid day candy, new shoes, treats galore -whenever I like. Oh man, I am going to live a life of guilt free spending and I can't wait. I've also decided when I get back from Euro, I am going to rebel against my no album policy and go nutso with the CD purchasing. I even perused the record store today and made a wish list (it wasn't really a record store, I've just always wanted to say that).

Here is my CD wish list:
  • Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest
  • Cloud Control, Bliss Release
  • The Lucky Wonders, Thirteen O'clock
  • Foals, Total Life Forever
  • Tame Impala, Innerspeaker
  • Angus and Julia Stone, Down the Way
  • Paul Greene, Everywhere is Home
  • Vampire Weekend, Contra
PS. How much hotter is Angus Stone WITHOUT his stoner beard?And don't you think Julia Stone and Lisa Mitchell are long lost twins? They look identical and have the same eerie, ethereal voice.


  1. I love Angus without the beard, less terrorist, more heart throb. These were the days i would have let him sit and serenade me, rather than now, when on approach im sure I would runaway
    Em Shep

  2. I'm going to jump in here and proclaim how much I can't stand Julia Stone's voice. If you ask me, that is definitely NOT the way she would sing naturally... to me, it sounds way too forced! Not a fan.
    BUT Innerspeaker is awesome... Love


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